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Saturday, September 7, 2019

The Presbyterian church where believing in God isn't strictly necessary

She surrendered her secrets to put away a sexual predator. But her sacrifice isn't over.*
Louisville Courier Journal: Rachael Denhollander sees God's hand in shaping her mission as an advocate for survivors of sexual abuse. What fortified her to come forward has sustained her these past three years as she's endured shifts in her identity, her privacy and her duty. (trigger warning: graphic description of sexual abuse)

In Hawaii, 'protectors' fight telescope project with prayer
Religion News Service: Thousands of demonstrators have flocked to Mauna Kea this summer to block construction of a telescope. Their reasoning is partly environmental but also unapologetically religious.

The Presbyterian church where believing in God isn't strictly necessary*
New York Times: At Rutgers Church, on Manhattan's Upper West Side, social justice and environmental issues unite the congregation. There's some Bible stuff, too.

Workers at Catholic migrant shelters in Mexico say intimidation by authorities is increasing
America: The increased attention by Mexican police and armed forces is encouraging undocumented migrants to avoid shelters, many of which are run by the Catholic Church here, and to follow more dangerous routes through Mexico.

Elite failure has brought Americans to the edge of an existential crisis*
The Atlantic: The nuclear family, God, and national pride are a holy trinity of the American identity. What would happen if a generation gave up on all three?

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