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Thursday, April 2, 2020

Anxiety is not the enemy of faith

Anxiety is not the enemy of faith but a passageway on the road to it.
Timothy Dalrymple
Today’s musical pairing is “Spiegel im Spiegel” by Arvo Pärt. Note that all the songs for this series have been gathered into a Spotify playlist here.
“The Lord is my light and my salvation—whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life—of whom shall ...
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Bible Museum Criticism ‘Was Justified,’ Founder Says

Steve Green announces 11,500 more items will be returned to the Middle East.
Gordon Govier
Steve Green, president of Hobby Lobby and chairman of the Museum of the Bible, is returning 11,500 antiquities to the Iraqi and Egyptian governments. The ancient clay seals and fragments of papyrus do not have complete documentation and may have been looted or stolen.
Green said he acquired the antiquities ...
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Christian couples face unique moral challenges

In Pandemic and in Health, I Make This Vow
Engaged Americans are grappling with foiled wedding plans. But Christian couples face unique moral challenges.
Maria Baer
Sophia Lee thought she’d be heading to the altar next month. She had the dress, the rings, and two plane tickets for a honeymoon in Eastern Europe. Instead, she and her fiancé David Hermann are in a holding pattern. The couple is sheltering-in-place in Los Angeles, preparing to watch their April 25th wedding date come and go. Like fellow engaged couples the world over, their wedding plans have gone the way of the polite handshake: that is to say, up in smoke.
Back when the Centers for ...
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Fanatics in Iraq Still Dream of Removing Christians

Fanatics in Iraq Still Dream of Removing Christians

Fionn Shiner
Warning from Chaldean Catholic Archbishop Najeeb Michaeel Moussa

Asian Americans call on the church to preach against coronavirus racism

States consider whether religious services qualify as 'essential'
NPR: It is not yet clear whether the broadening move to include religious institutions as essential will allow churches, synagogues, and mosques to reopen.

Franklin Graham on his Central Park field hospital: 'We don't discriminate. Period.'
Religion News Service: Almost as soon as Samaritan's Purse assembled a 68-bed field hospital in Central Park's famed East Meadow, New Yorkers sounded the alarm about the evangelical humanitarian relief organization headed by Franklin Graham.

The apocalypse as an 'unveiling': What religion teaches us about the end times
New York Times: For people of many faiths, and even none at all, it can feel lately like the end of the world is near.

Asian Americans call on the church to preach against coronavirus racism
Christianity Today: Hundreds of Christian leaders sign a landmark statement denouncing the spike in xenophobia.

Virus forces religions to improvise, isolate for holidays
Associated Press: The global pandemic is upending the season's major religious holidays, forcing leaders and practitioners across the spectrum to improvise.

There are shifting visions of church governance

The church after coronavirus: There are shifting visions of church governance

by Heidi Schlumpf, Michael Sean Winters, Joshua J. McElwee
Global crises can lead to seismic changes or just clarify current challenges and possibilities. What kind of shift is taking place as people experience the Eucharist virtually and apart? NCR surveyed two dozen theologians, social directors, non-profit leaders and pastors. This is Part 2 of three parts and includes six responders.

Who made us God?

Boise bishop bans 'ad orientem' posture in 'ordinary form' Masses

Dominican priest, microbiologist sees hope for possible coronavirus treatment
In a recent blog post Fr. Nicanor Austriaco, O.P., S.T.D, Ph.D., said he sees reason to hope that the drug hydroxychloroquine could be used to treat the coronavirus, or COVID-19.

Pro-life leaders: N Ireland legal abortion thwarts protection for vulnerable
As the British Parliament's permissive abortion law takes effect in Northern Ireland, pro-life leaders strongly criticized the law, pointing to the coronavirus response as...

Nautical ministry helps abused Filipino sailors amid coronavirus
Last year, a maritime charity rescued a group of migrant workers from an abusive situation aboard a fishing vessel in Scotland. The men recently returned home, but the non-profit...

Boise bishop bans 'ad orientem' posture in 'ordinary form' Masses
The Bishop of Boise told priests last month that Mass in the diocese should not be celebrated in the ad orientem posture, and that material from “independent websites”...

Did China use slave labor to keep factories open during coronavirus?
Chinese authorities have been accused of forcing Muslim Uyghurs to work in factories as the coronavirus pandemic spread in the country. One religious freedom expert told CNA that...

Hobby Lobby defies stay-at-home orders

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Bloom Where You’re Quarantined

Bloom Where You’re Quarantined
Some of us were lonely well before the pandemic. How do we find God’s comfort now?
Clarissa Moll
This past Sunday, I took my children for a walk in a wildlife sanctuary on the edge of our small New England town. Sunday marked our ninth day of preventative quarantine from COVID-19, and after a busy week indoors adjusting to online schooling and working from home, we were ready to get outside in the fresh air. A shock of wintery weather had passed through Boston, so we pulled out hats and mittens, bundled up, and headed out to the Atlantic Ocean.
When we arrived, my four kids tumbled out of the ...
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