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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Fulton Sheen to be beatified in December

Kansas Catholic Conference says Medicaid expansion needs pro-life revisions
As Kansas considers expanding its Medicaid program, the state’s Catholic Conference said its support is contingent upon the establishment of pro-life safeguards.

China defends detention of Muslims in Xinjiang
The Chinese government is defending its policy of mass detention and re-education of Muslims in the country's northwest as an appropriate measure against terrorism, following a...

Washington DC drops bill to legalize sex trade
A bill to legalize the buying and selling of sex in Washington, DC, will not move forward after widespread opposition and concern that the bill lacked enough support of the city...

Venerable Fulton Sheen to be beatified in December
The Diocese of Peoria announced Monday that Venerable Fulton Sheen will be beatified this December at the city's Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Immaculate Conception.

Our Lady unites the divided into the faithful, Cordileone says
Mary unites all of God’s children, sparking conversions among those of different faiths, said Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco on Saturday, Nov. 16.

Why non-Christian 'seekers' are trying spiritual direction

Trump's new HHS rule will harm far more people than you realize
Religion News Service: On Nov. 1, the Trump administration proposed a new rule that could allow over $30 billion in Department of Health and Human Services grants to flow to organizations that openly refuse to serve people of faith, women and LGBTQ people.

Why non-Christian 'seekers' are trying spiritual direction
America: As more Americans move away from participation in institutional religion, many seekers and nones are also seeking out places where they can have in-depth conversations about their spiritual lives.

China tells Uighur Muslims they are abducting their families so they can cleanse their brains like they have a disease, leaked documents show*
Insider: The 403 pages of internal documents, published by the Times on Saturday, detail the extent of China's efforts to deflect questions and criticism of unprecedented crackdown.

Kanye West calls himself the 'greatest artist that God has ever created' at Joel Osteen's service
People: The "Jesus Is King" rapper stopped by famous pastor Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, on Sunday.

Church of Canada may disappear by 2040, says new report
Religion News Service: The report, which was commissioned by the church, was delivered to the Council of General Synod meeting November 7-9 in Mississauga, Ontario.

A priest is killed as ISIS revives in Syria, and deadly protests continue in Iraq
America: Armed groups affiliated with ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack, celebrating erroneously in a statement the killing of "two priests."

Black churches join a green movement
Religion & Politics: The Green the Church Summit is aimed at promoting environmental justice and sustainability among black churches.

In secular India, it's getting tougher to be Muslim
CNN: India has a long history of sectarian violence, but over the past few years, there has been a rise in suspected hate crimes against Muslims, who make up roughly 200 million of the country's 1.3 billion population.

Old religious tensions resurge in Bolivia after ouster of longtime indigenous leader
The Conversation: Invoking a Christian God as the source of political power, while commonplace in many countries, is a radical departure in Bolivia after Morales' 14-year tenure.

Chick-fil-A is ending donations criticized by LGBTQ activists after years of backlash
Business Insider: On Monday, Chick-fil-A announced it was making a major change to perhaps the most controversial part of the company: its charitable-giving arm.

Trump advisor calls Pompeo's West Bank decision an answered prayer
Religion News Service: Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced on that the U.S. is softening its position on Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank, rejecting a 1978 State Department legal opinion that concluded Israeli settlements in the region are "inconsistent with international law."

Religious fundamentalism is a 'plague,' pope says
Crux: Interreligious dialogue is an important way to counter fundamentalist groups as well as the unjust accusation that religions sow division, Pope Francis said.

'I miss them, always': A witness recounts El Salvador's 1989 Jesuit massacre
NPR: Saturday marks 30 years since the Jesuit massacre, one of the most high-profile religious crimes in recent Latin American history.

Black pastor candidate withdraws after controversial vote at SBC megachurch
Christianity Today: First Baptist Church of Naples, Florida, continues to investigate whether Marcus Hayes's rejection was the result of racial prejudice or preexisting turmoil following its previous pastor's departure.

True friendships are rare, but possible

Alasdair MacIntyre: True friendships are rare, but possible
For Aristotle, the definition of perfect friendship was so narrow that precious few could achieve it.

Pope Francis: The poor, unborn, and elderly are neglected in the frenzy of modern life
On the World Day of the Poor, Pope Francis said that the poor and most vulnerable can be left behind in the frenetic haste and self-centeredness of the modern world.

Development of prison catechesis program draws strong support
It took a Catholic evangelist just three days to raise the funds online for an apologetics and faith formation curriculum to distribute to prisons— a place where he says...

Rise of the Groypers

‘A Crisis of Saints’: An Interview with Archbishop José Horacio Gómez

Michael Warren Davis

On November 12, the Most Rev. José Horacio Gómez, Archbishop of Los Angeles, was elected president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. His Excellency graciously granted Crisis his first substantial interview since his election. Your Excellency, some Catholic intellectuals today are questioning whether we Catholics can be loyal citizens of the American republic. They say our […]

History’s Answer to Modern Despair

Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap.

“Having trivialized the past by equating it with outmoded . . . fashions and attitudes, people today resent anyone who draws on the past in serious discussions of contemporary conditions or attempts to use the past as a standard by which to judge the present… A denial of the past, superficially progressive and optimistic, proves […]

Nobody Is Demanding a ‘Pastoral Thrust’

Daniel Thimons

On November 11, the Apostolic Nuncio to the United States, Archbishop Christophe Pierre, addressed the USCCB General Assembly. In this address, he stated: “The pastoral thrust of this pontificate must reach the American people, especially as families continue to demand of dioceses and parishes the accompaniment envisioned by Amoris Laetitia.” What exactly is this accompaniment […]

Rise of the Groypers

Ben Sixsmith

As the Alt-Right coalition fractured in the wake of its disastrous protests in Charlottesville, some sort of ideological reformation was an inevitability. Christian members of the alt-right began to point fingers at its de facto leader Richard Spencer’s indifferent (if not outright hostile) attitude towards religion: he repeatedly promoted paganism in his work on the […]

Jury awards Planned Parenthood $2.2 million

Jury awards Planned Parenthood $2.2 million against pro-lifers: "It is as though the jury completely disregarded every piece of evidence we produced"

Bergoglio, the young Peronist: Retired bishop Gracida cites Sandro Magister on pope's closeness to Bolivian ex-president Morales

Trump holds firm on overseas abortions: Valerie Huber faces population control pushers in Nairobi

Pope Francis contemplates a new sin: Considers adding 'sin against ecology' to Catechism of the Catholic Church

A screen for low intelligence – next step for in-vitro: Genomic Prediction offers customers report cards

Battle lines drawn in Downey: Parents starting to find out re school board sex ed  

Buddhist De Anza College student believes in smiling, but not a moral code: Don’t judge, be kind and help others

In Daleiden appeal, look at Food Lion case: Undercover reporting on butchers protected by First Amendment

Bishop Soto may not use Twitter again: Blowback from vets on his immigration tweet

Jesus' Mere Presence is a Political Act

Monday, November 18, 2019

Black Protestants and Evangelicals Still Preach Politics

Amid increasing polarization and shifting church trends, the black church continues to speak out on matters of justice.
Kate Shellnutt

Tell Us About the ‘Seal’ of Believer’s Baptism

A new study suggests that the rite doesn’t bind young Christians to a certain level of faith commitment, but to a faith community.
Samuel Perry
Most researchers studying religious trends among young people tend to focus on what’s making younger Americans walk away from religion. Some have emphasized life course transitions such as leaving home, going to college, or becoming sexually active. Others have examined frustration with politics. ...
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Praying for Hong Kong Is Politically Disruptive

Praying for Hong Kong Is Politically Disruptive—Even in America
Why Chinese diaspora churches remain silent while Christians in Hong Kong take to the streets.
D. Cheng
On the afternoon of Sunday, August 18, about 70 people gathered for a prayer meeting at a church in Vancouver organized by the group Vancouver Christians for Love, Peace, and Justice. Their focus was the same as their three previous gatherings: to pray for the ongoing demonstrations in Hong Kong, for those affected, and for human rights and freedom in the city of 7.4 million people.
Before the meeting ended, the Tenth Street church building was surrounded by as many as 100 pro-China demonstrators ...
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Sunday, November 17, 2019

Women’s voices are needed in Vatican leadership

As Pope Francis calls for a 'synodal' Church, some US dioceses are holding synods
As some U.S. dioceses convene local synods to discuss topics ranging from the family to evangelization, bishops are preaching the need to recover a true sense of synodality.

Pope Francis: Women’s voices are needed in Vatican leadership
Pope Francis said Saturday that more women are needed in positions of leadership in the Vatican.

Vatican Museums opens exhibit with newly restored Renaissance Marian paintings
The Vatican Museums opened Thursday an exhibit of recently restored paintings of the Virgin Mary by early Renaissance painter Carlo Crivelli.

Pope Francis names Archbishop Gabriele Caccia ambassador to the United Nations
Pope Francis Saturday named Archbishop Gabriele Caccia the next Permanent Observer of the Holy See to the United Nations in New York.