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Saturday, August 17, 2019

Your thoughts on the real presence

El Paso response to violence called an 'outpouring of love'

by Pauline Hovey
"El Paso, you have inspired us," Texas Gov. Greg Abbott told the crowd. "We have watched in awe at the outpouring of compassion of this community."

While migrants wait on the border, sisters in Mexico welcome them daily to the 'dining room'

By Peter Tran
Global Sisters Report: Four Missionary Sisters of the Eucharist in the Nogales community run the Aid Center for Migrants, part of a congregation of about 60 sisters, living in 11 communities in Mexico. A 10-minute walk from the Mariposa Border Crossing, the center serves more than 100 people a day. Every day the sisters minister to people who have encountered stressful situations. To handle this, the sisters rely on prayer and their community life, as well as days off for personal chores, time and renewal.

Your thoughts on the real presence

by NCR Staff
Your thoughts: Do Catholics 'actually' believe in the Real Presence? A recent Pew Research study shows that a majority of U.S. Catholics do not believe church teaching about the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist.

St. Patrick Seminary & University has a new president

New rector named at California seminary: Fr. Daniel B. Donohoo appointed president-rector of St. Patrick Seminary & University, Fr. Anthony Stoeppel as vice-rector
U.S. Labor Department broadens religious safeguards in federal contracting: ACLU expresses outrage
Worth driving to: St. Bruno Church, Whittier: The pastor leads "Family Rosary Across America" on Relevant Radio

Friday, August 16, 2019

Sheep and Goats ~ Minister at Donavan Prison

The Japanese treasure of Sakitsu Church

CNA spoke with three moral theologians about suicide, on the hope for salvation that the Church holds for those who take their lives, and the obligations of the state to protect prisoners from themselves.
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Iowa clergyperson to face trial

Truck drives into line of Jewish demonstrators protesting ICE in Rhode Island
Religion News Service: A truck attempted to barrel through a group of Jewish protesters in an incident that left five people hospitalized and drew attention to Jewish criticism of the Trump administration's immigration policies.

Labor Dept. moves to expand religion exemption for hiring and firing
New York Times: The Labor Department has proposed a rule that would allow more federal contractors to base employment decisions on religion, a move that rights advocates said could be used to discriminate against workers for all manner of reasons.

Iowa clergyperson to face trial
United Methodist News Service: The Rev. Anna Blaedel is charged with violating The United Methodist Book of Discipline as a "self-avowed practicing homosexual."

How the Right lost faith in capitalism
UnHerd: In the US, the Left are no longer the most vocal challengers of market forces.

How do social and emotional skills develop in youth?
Brookings: Investing in high-quality education is key.

The Rise of the Nuns with Mark Galli

The Rise of the Nuns

Not the “nones” (those who say they have no religion) but old-fashioned nuns. As the subtitle of this Huffington Post article puts it, “More and more young women are being called to the religious life, after 50 straight years of decline. What on earth is going on?”
This corresponds with some anecdotal evidence of conferences I’ve witnessed. The ones that seem anxious to reach out to millennials, especially those tempted to become a “none,” pull in 300–500 participants. And then there is The Passion Conferences, where 20,000 to 30,000 young people show up to praise Jesus with confidence and verve.
Getting Out Your Message in an Election Year.
It may not be through the evening news much longer.
While the average person aged 65 and over watches 33 minutes of TV news a day, this falls to just two minutes among people aged 16–24, according the media regulator’s annual news consumption report.
At least in Britain, where the study was conducted. People are spending more time watching Netflix and the like. And this may shape how politicians have to shift their strategies:
The shift could have major implications for British politics, given services such as Netflix do not provide any news. Political parties have traditionally considered the BBC’s 10pm news bulletin to be their most important outlet for getting their message across to large swaths of the public, which in turn can shape policies being proposed and how they are presented.
The Poetry Key
Like most Americans, I’ve had a formal appreciation of poetry but have never spent long hours reading it. I need someone to hold my hand if I’m going to get anything out of many modern poems. To help us better appreciate not only poetry but the startling message of the Bible, Christopher Benson, a fine writer I’ve worked with years ago, analyzes three devotional poems from the book Adam, Eve, and the Riders of the Apocalypse: 39 Contemporary Poets on the Characters of the Bible. The review is not only an invitation to the book but also a lesson in reading poems about Lot, Lot’s wife, and Lot’s daughters. As Benson puts it:
Devotional poetry is a vital way to become surprised by the Word again because it awakens the mind’s attention from what Romantic poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge calls “the lethargy of custom,” directing it “to the loveliness and the wonders” of God’s self-revelation.
Noah in an Uber
Speaking of Bible characters, and speaking in lighter tones, here’s another John Crist video: Noah is the first of many Bible characters who take a ride in an Uber.
Grace and peace,

Mark GalliMark Galli
Mark Galli
Editor-in-Chief, Christianity Today

What to do with millions of human embryos?

Murrieta School District deceiving parents?: No opting children out of LGBTQ content
The devastating effect of abortion: Archbishop Cordileone: In a society that doesn't just tolerate but celebrates abortion, how can there be a shared sense of common decency?
What to do with millions of human embryos?: Fertilized eggs can survive for as long as 100 years

Thursday, August 15, 2019

The Association of Related Churches (ARC)

The Key to This Church Planting Network’s Success? Start Big, Stay Big
The Key to This Church Planting Network’s Success? Start Big, Stay Big
The Association of Related Churches (ARC) focuses on a non-competitive spirit and strategic growth.
Kate Shellnutt
One Sunday morning last year, greeters waved and held signs saying “You Belong Here” and “You Can Sit With Us” to welcome cars pulling up to SOCO Church, which meets in an event space in downtown Bentonville, Arkansas.
The worship band led the congregation in Hillsong’s “O Praise the Name” before a plaid-clad pastor in clear-framed glasses took the stage to preach. By the time the greeters returned to the sidewalks with their “See You Next Week” ...
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Hispanic and white Catholics differ in their views

The religious hunger of the radical right
New York Times: Until we understand what really drives extremists, we will not be able to stop them.

Can religion save us from a global environmental crisis?
Deseret News: Despite mounting evidence of climate change, religious people remain divided. Some question human involvement while others are driven by their faith to protect the planet.

United Methodist Church scraps plans to host General Conference in the Philippines
Religion News Service: The global denomination had been planning to hold the 2024 meeting of its decision-making body in Manila, capital of the Philippines. But plans for a meeting there, first announced in 2015, are now off.

On abortion, Hispanic and white Catholics differ in their views
America: While a survey of more than 54,000 Americans showed little change in their attitudes between 2014 and 2018 on the legality of abortion, researchers detected movement in many demographic groups, Catholics included.

Feel their faith in 15 seconds: Meet the Christians conquering TikTok
Daily Beast: The lip-synching app has become the latest social media platform for Christian influencers to spread the word. But they are preaching to a very young, impressionable choir.

How Woodstock changed a generation