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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Pennsylvania grand jury accuses over 300 priests

by Mark Dent
Philadelphia: More than 300 Pennsylvania priests were accused of committing sexual assault and their bishops covering up for them in a wide-ranging grand jury report that detailed some of the most damning accusations brought against the Catholic Church.  

"There have been other reports about child sex abuse within the Catholic Church," the grand jury wrote in a report released today. "But never on this scale. For many of us, those earlier stories happened someplace else, someplace away. Now we know the truth: It happened everywhere."
by Brian Roewe
Two U.S. bishops opened investigations this month following a series of online allegations reporting sexual misconduct, excessive alcohol abuse and behavior unbefitting the priesthood among seminarians and by those overseeing their development. 

Monday, August 13, 2018

Coptic monk arrested over murder of bishop in Egypt

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So, What Comes After Church Growth?

Characteristics of the Church Growth Movement itself present challenges to church multiplication.
Jeff Christopherson
The regrettable shortage of multiplying churches can be explained, at least in part, by the lingering implications of the wholesale adoption of business principles and pragmatic schemes that distinguished the church growth era. Today, we awaken to a church growth hangover that colors our thoughts on ...
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I’m Still Confident About ‘Confident Pluralism’

The past two years have only strengthened my belief that tolerance, humility, and patience can help heal our fractious public life.
John Inazu
Two years ago, I published a book called Confident Pluralism. In it, I argue that living together across our differences in this country must begin by acknowledging the depth of those differences. And our differences are indeed deep: We lack agreement about the purpose of our country, the nature of ...
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The Healing of Willow Creek

The Healing of Willow Creek
Misguided loyalty harmed this historic congregation. True loyalty can redeem it.
Mark Galli
In light of the resignation of its pastoral staff and elder board, it’s time to rally around Willow Creek Community Church with support and prayers. With those resignations, and the repentance they suggest, Willow has an opportunity to enter into a new fruitful season of ministry.
Let’s ponder what has happened in the last few months and why, because a simplistic reading of the events will only tempt Willow—and any Christian institution in a similar crisis—to react in such ...
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Tennessee executes first prisoner since 2009

Social media is increasingly making teens dissatisfied with their appearance and obsessed with achieving a filtered version of “perfection,” even going so far as to pursue plastic surgery, say medical professionals.
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Sex abuse scandals continue plaguing Catholic Church

For military families, this church aims to be manna from heaven
Religion News Service: At a time when many churches are struggling, the founder of Manna Church thinks he has found a way to keep many young military families by building a church home for them wherever they go.

As Willow Creek reels, churches must reckon with how power corrupts
Religion News Service: The shameful situation at the iconic church should inspire Christian communities everywhere to take seriously how power corrupts, and guard more vigorously against its abuse.

Sex abuse scandals continue plaguing Catholic Church
The Washington Post: With revelation after revelation, a new wave of sexual abuse scandals is rocking the Roman Catholic Church and presenting Pope Francis with the greatest crisis of his papacy.

Integrating Sunday morning church service -- a prayer answered
NPR: Churches are some of the most segregated places in America. But two pastors in Oakland are trying an experiment - to merge a white congregation and a black congregation into one house of worship, called Tapestry Church.

Crumbling stone in the Western Wall exposes Jerusalem's religious fractures
The (London) Guardian: Erosion is damaging the 2,000-year-old site -- but restoration plans have been complicated by its sacred status.

Why do some Catholics fear change?

Seven Lessons from the McCarrick Case

The World Has Little of Value to Teach the Church

James Kalb

I recently commented on the signs of the times, and noted that they tell us to pay more attention to eternity. The topic deserves further discussion. In the 1960s, it became common for Catholics to look to the world for guidance. That attitude inspired the widespread false belief that Saint John XXIII said the Second Vatican […]

Seven Lessons from the McCarrick Case

Jeffrey Tranzillo

Following the long overdue revelations about the contemptible sexual misconduct of former cardinal Theodore McCarrick, many authors have rightly expressed their indignation toward him and his episcopal enablers. In this article, I will try not to spend much time on ground already well trod, but will rather highlight some of the lessons from the McCarrick […]

Is Silas Marner One of the Good Books?

Jonathan Shoulta

Although the George Eliot novel is missing from some iterations of John Senior’s list of 1,000 Good Books, Silas Marner appears in the list as it appears in Senior’s diagnostic book, The Death of Christian Culture. This is strange considering the secular and atheistic philosophies that informed the work. That this Victorian novel contains some […]

A.W. Richard Sipe dies at 85 in La Jolla

A.W. Richard Sipe, influential voice on clergy sex abuse, dies at 85 in La Jolla: He warned San Diego Bishop Robert McElroy about depth of the problem in 2016 letter

Hollywood groups want more transgender inclusion in movies: More than 45 groups, talent agencies, and production companies have released an open letter demanding that the film industry depict transgender characters more often and in more flattering ways