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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Divine Mercy with Pastor Carlos

Divine Mercy

St Faustina Kowalska, died of tuberculosis in 1938 in Poland. She was 33 years old. She lived the last 13 of these years as a nun. The diary she wrote the last four years made popular a truth that has been there from the beginning: that God is merciful. The
mysteries we celebrate this Easter, that Jesus rose from the dead is a celebration of the victory of the merciful love of God. A preacher I heard once, put it this way: Jesus did not rise from the dead to take vengeance, but to proclaim peace, and to send the disciples to be messengers that in Christ we have been reconciled with God.

In speaking with my sister recently, we talked about how we all want to be understood, forgiven and loved. She came across a line that struck her: “The bridge between longing and belonging is prayer.” I would teak the line and say that the bridge is God’s mercy. We belong to God because God has been merciful to us in Christ.

As a Church we can embody God’s grace by cultivating an attitude of forgiveness and reconciliation. It is not easy and requires constant practice. Catholic Universities like USD and Notre Dame have Peace Studies programs with faculty dedicated to studying forgiveness and reconciliation. Both of these programs are in place thanks to the late Joan B. Kroc, widow of McDonald’s Corp. founder Ray Kroc, who was a passionate advocate of peace and reconciliation.

I think that as Catholics, our institutions, like our schools, take seriously values like reconciliation. In the secular word of, for example, business, the language often used is “conflict resolution” or “conflict management,” and my sense is that these are tools so that a business can run more efficiently. Reconciliation for a Christian is not a tool, but a vision for the world grounded on something that has already happened: that because of God’s mercy we have been reconciled to God in Christ.

Pope Francis ingeniously coined the idea that mercy is a verb. "In front of the loving gaze of God," said Pope Francis once, "we cannot remain indifferent [to others]." We [extend] mercy.

God Bless, Fr. Carlos, OSA.

Sunday, April 28, 2019 — Second Sunday of Easter of Divine Mercy

Morris Cerullo's New World Headquarters Opens This Year

Just down the hill behing UCSD Medical Center in Hillcrest you'll find this. 
The Legacy construction is making good progress as the Jerusalem stone has arrived! 
Hear the latest construction update from Jim Penner as he talks about how the Jerusalem stone will be installed!

The Good Gift of a Downcast Soul

Our Ultrasound Revealed a Birth Defect

We've never regretted saying no, but his words still haunt me.
Kimi Harris
I was a little over halfway through my pregnancy when my husband and I sat gripping each other’s hands while a specialist gesticulated as he described the options for our unborn baby. We could opt for life-saving surgeries, we could give her comfort care once born but allow her to die without ...
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Six Biblical Responses to Sri Lanka’s Easter Bombings

Six Biblical Responses to Sri Lanka’s Easter Bombings
Six Biblical Responses to Sri Lanka’s Easter Bombings
Colombo theologian: God gives Christians the freedom to leave the revenge cycle and instead love and bless Muslims.
Ajith Fernando
I was not at church in Colombo on Easter Sunday morning, as I was sick and had stayed home. Then text messages began to come about a bombing, then several bombings, in my home town and in two other towns. One was only a few miles from my home.
Ten years after our protracted war had ended, I realized that Sri Lanka, my dear nation, was again confronting severe violent attacks. I had preached several times in one of the targeted churches, Zion Church in Batticaloa. The sister of one of my colleagues ...
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Evangelicals are now the key constituency in the Republican Party

The 'literal flesh-and-blood' resurrection is the heart of my faith
America: James Martin, in response to Serene Jones, says he believes that Jesus Christ rose from the dead on the first Easter Sunday. And he does not see that as any sort of parable or metaphor.

How Sri Lanka's Christians became a target
The Atlantic: The island nation's religious minority was rarely threatened. The Easter bombings changed that.

Morocco trains foreign students in its practice of moderate Islam
Reuters: Morocco has offered training to imams and male and female preachers of Islam from Africa and Europe on what it describes as moderate Islam.

How to reduce digital distractions: Advice from medieval monks
Aeon: Medieval monks had a terrible time concentrating. And concentration was their lifelong work! Their tech was obviously different from ours. But their anxiety about distraction was not.

Evangelicals are now the key constituency in the Republican Party. They are reaping the benefits.
Vox: They are currently the largest, most cohesive constituency in a party that cannot afford many defections or abstentions.

Many modern hymns are aesthetically and theologically shoddy

Mayor Buttigieg’s God of Feelings

Anthony Esolen

Mr. Peter Buttigieg, mayor of South Bend, Indiana, and a candidate for the presidency of the United States, has picked a theological quarrel with Mike Pence, the current vice-president. The specific focus of the quarrel is not of peculiar interest beyond our times—our peculiar times. The general import is as vast as creation. Political people generally have an outsized opinion of their […]

The Disposable Modern Hymn

Mary Cuff

The outcry against bad liturgical music has been growing in volume and numbers. Crisis author and professor Anthony Esolen has provided deeply insightful explanations of why many modern hymns are aesthetically and theologically shoddy compared to older, more traditional ones. Podcasts such as “The Catholic Talk Show” devote episodes to mocking the worst church music […]

Mid-City Ministry Breaking News on NBC

National Catholic Prayer Breakfast hears call for 'Catholic great awakening'

Bishop Thomas Olmsted of Phoenix called on a gathering of the nation’s Catholic leaders to stand up to the heresies of the modern age and defend the dignity of the human person, body and soul, as an integral part of defending the faith.
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Still no common cup at Mass in Sacramento diocese

Still no common cup at Mass in Sacramento diocese: Sacramento diocese won't lift liturgical precautions because health officials report several more weeks of "flu activity" are expected
“A Bridge Among Walls” coming to Bay Area: Sister Norma Pimentel, executive director of Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley and longtime advocate for immigrants and refugees, will visit San Francisco archdiocese April 28-30
Bishop Barron to deliver commencement at Thomas Aquinas College: During the graduation ceremony, Bishop Barron will be awarded the school’s highest honor, the Saint Thomas Aquinas Medallion.