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Saturday, September 22, 2018

In private letters, Benedict rebukes critics of Pope Francis

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Friday, September 21, 2018

Benedict XVI defends resignation and title ‘pope emeritus’

A $4.6 billion funding package for Catholic and independent schools in Australia has won the support of a national Catholic education group, which says the plan corrects key flaws from the previous funding model.
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Where Should a Catholic Get Married?

Beware the Allure of the Inner Ring

Anthony Esolen

I have had an uncanny and revealing experience this week. There are three elements to it. Let me describe the first two, as a preface for drawing out a moral imperative for Catholics in these bad times. Every semester at Thomas More College, we set a few Fridays aside for what we call traditio. No […]

Perpetuating the Gender Myth in Sports

Scott Ventureyra

On Saturday, September 8, 2018, Serena Williams had a mental breakdown at the US Open women’s finals. Her behavior was inexcusable and demonstrated a great disrespect for the game, the officials and her opponent, Naomi Osaka. The umpire, Carlos Ramos, issued her three code violations; first, a warning for receiving coaching (which her coach, Patrick […]

Ratzinger Understands that Power Must Be Ordered by Reason

Rev. James V. Schall, S.J.

How do we recognize what is right? In history, systems of laws have almost always been based on religion: decisions regarding what was to be lawful among men were taken from reference to the divinity. Unlike other great religions, Christianity has never proposed a revealed law to the state and to society, that is to […]

Where Should a Catholic Get Married?

John M. Grondelski

I’ll admit up front to being amazed by the growing need to explain the most elementary things. Like that there are boys and girls. Like that we know when life begins. Or like the fact that Catholics should get married in churches. The secularization, if not outright sacrilege, of fundamental vocational commitments goes on even […]

San Diego: protesters to demand reforms from Bishop McElroy

San Diego: protesters to demand reforms from Bishop McElroy: On September 28, Catholics will gather at San Diego Roman Catholic Diocese Pastoral Center to pray and protest

San Bernardino Diocese will release name of every priest accused of sexual abuse: List will be published on the diocese's website within two weeks

“Basically, the synod fathers will say whatever the pope says they said”: The Apostolic Constitution, Episcopalis communio, which Pope Francis issued Tuesday morning, introduces significant reforms to the consultative body known as the Synod of Bishops

why lively churches aren't for everyone

The struggle for a new American gospel
The New Republic: A liberal's search for God and faith in a divided country.

Why hasn't Trump's refugee policy repelled his Christian supporters?
The Atlantic: Breaking with his predecessors from both parties, Trump has ratcheted down admissions of those fleeing persecution to their lowest levels in decades.
Christianity Today: Evangelicals argue against US reducing refugees to 30,000

Flourishing in Ministry program aims to counter pastor burnout
National Catholic Reporter: Notre Dame's Flourishing in Ministry program studies the needs of church ministers of all Christian stripes, and works with clergy to find answers to their work concerns.

Memoirist: Evangelical purity movement sees women's bodies as a 'threat'
NPR: Author says movement is most effective at stifling women's sexuality and creating a "deep, long-lasting shame" among its practitioners.

In praise of peace and quiet: why lively churches aren't for everyone
Christian Today: What about those who come to church not to find "community," but to find God -- in the peace of quiet contemplation and a formal, repetitive liturgy?

Thursday, September 20, 2018

America’s Worst Year on Record for Refugee Resettlement

The administration says there is a genocide happening to Christians in Iraq. Only 18 of them have been given resettlement in America this year.
Griffin Paul Jackson

The Trump administration announced further cuts to the resettlement program

The Trump administration announced further cuts to the resettlement program. What can Christians do?
CT Editors
Several years ago, the Obama administration set a target of resettling more than 110,000 refugees for resettlement in fiscal year 2017, the highest goal since 1995.
This week, the Trump administration set the ceiling on the number of refugees that can be resettled in the United States next year at 30,000. ...
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Quit the Tug-of-War over Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Legacy

How the German martyr’s example has been used—and abused—in American public discourse.
Laura M. Fabrycky
We Americans have fashioned many Dietrich Bonhoeffers for ourselves in the decades since the German theologian was put to death at the Flossenbürg concentration camp in 1945. In The Battle for Bonhoeffer: Debating Discipleship in the Age of Trump, Rhodes College professor Stephen R. Haynes offers ...
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The State of the Puerto Rican Church, One Year After Maria

The State of the Puerto Rican Church, One Year After Maria
Global Church
The State of the Puerto Rican Church, One Year After Maria
The hurricane that destroyed the island has completely shaken its approach to ministry.
Gadiel Ríos in Puerto Rico
Editor’s note: This story has been updated since it was first published in the September 2018 print edition of CT. On August 9, the Puerto Rican government released a report estimating the number of deaths in the country rose by at least 1,400 after Hurricane Maria, but noted that the official death toll attributable to the storm remained at 64.
Puerto Rico is a tropical paradise—home to 3.5 million American citizens, an impressive mountain range, white sand beaches, and the only tropical ...
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The struggle for a new American gospel

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