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Saturday, October 19, 2019

San Diego bishop succeeds Sacramento Bishop

Bishop McElroy elected to lead California Catholic Conference: San Diego bishop succeeds Sacramento Bishop Jaime Soto, who served two terms as president
Sacramento diocese helped accused priest obtain clergy position in Mexico, lawsuit claims: Suit was filed on behalf of Juan Ricardo Torres, who alleges Father Castellanos began abusing him when he was 15
How to teach kids about the Bible: More than 650 attend Great Adventure Bible Timeline seminar at Christ Cathedral Academy

Mexican diocese prays for peace

Mexican diocese prays for peace as capture, release of El Chapo's son sparks violence
Following hours of heavy fighting in a city in Northern Mexico as officials detained and then released the son of imprisoned drug lord JoaquĆ­n "El Chapo"...
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Archdiocese of Washington opposes local bill to legalize prostitution 
The Archdiocese of Washington, D.C., was one of many organizations that testified Thursday during a hearing on a bill to decriminalize prostitution in the District of Columbia.
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Catholic aid group expresses concern over Haiti unrest
Political conditions in Haiti have disrupted aid programs and increased economic hardships, leaving Catholic Relief Services concerned about another humanitarian crisis.
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Hong Kong court says redefining marriage is beyond its authority
A court in Hong Kong has ruled against the recognition of same-sex partnerships, upholding the government’s policy of not recognizing same-sex marriage or civil unions.
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Amazon synod discussion groups support married priests, female deacons
At least four of the 12 language groups at the Amazon synod overtly propose the ordination of married men to the priesthood in summary reports published by the Vatican Friday, with...
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Friday, October 18, 2019

New hotline connects women in crisis pregnancies

N Ireland sees effort to recall Assembly ahead of abortion changes
Pro-life groups in Northern Ireland are hopeful that there is sufficient support in the legislature to block an expansion of legal abortion from going into effect next week.
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New hotline connects women in crisis pregnancies to resources, community 
When Pamela Whitehead takes a call for LoveLine, a new pregnancy helpline, she listens.
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DNA test could reveal if Catholic supply store killer was involved in 1985 murder
Last year, Thomas Bruce was accused of assaulting three women and killing one of them at the Catholic Supply of St. Louis retail store Nov. 19 in Ballwin, Mo., a suburb of St....
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Vatican denies Indian nun's appeal of dismissal from religious life for disobedience
The Congregation for the Oriental Churches has rejected the appeal of Sister Lucy Kalapura, who was dismissed from religious life in August for several acts of disobedience,...
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‘No one ever talked about McCarrick and the boys’
A man claiming to be a former child victim of Theodore McCarrick has written an open essay in response to a recent interview given by the former cardinal.
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Once-Homeless People are Two-Thirds of San Diego Arrestees

Excessive Justice? with Mark Galli

Excessive Justice?

It seems like everywhere I turn lately, I’m reading a piece on the excesses of social justice warriors and their kissing cousins, the “woke” progressives. It makes a contrarian want to defend them! Just because there are excesses doesn’t mean their instincts—about the deep sinfulness of our society and the profound need for change—are ridiculous. To the contrary, they are, in fact, deeply biblical. But just as zealous Christians sometimes turn into self-righteous legalists, and the far-right can become defenders of some awful status quo injustices, so have many on the radical left stepped in it as well.
The most thoughtful critique (although not without its shortcomings) is by the political philosopher John Gray, The Deluded Cult of Social Justice.” The funniest is a satire in the video “Being a Social Justice Warrior.” In my mind, the purpose of thoughtful critiques and satire is not to do away with the good and righteous impulses but only the behavior that makes it harder for all of us to pursue justice together.
One Way to Be an Executive
Those who have been popping into CT online will have learned that I announced my retirement as of January 3, 2020. Retirement as editor in chief, anyway. I still plan to plague you with a weekly Galli Report--as long as GR readers keep subscribing to CT, and giving gift subscriptions, and reading a few of the ads on the GR. All of which you have been doing, so thanks!
I’ve been editor in chief for 7 years now, and as these things go, I think I’ve finally figured out how to do the job, or how to describe what I’m trying to do. It came to me as I read We Do Executives Do, Anyway?
The job of an executive is: to define and enforce culture and values for their whole organization, and to ratify good decisions. That’s all. Not to decide. Not to break ties. Not to set strategy. Not to be the expert on every, or any topic. Just to sit in the room while the right people make good decisions in alignment with their values.
It’s not every executive’s style, but it has been one I’ve tried to live by (with more success some weeks than others--impatience and pride does get in the way sometimes). Perhaps others will find it a helpful guide.
The Story Behind Good Night Moon
I’ve not thought much about the children’s classic, Good Night Moon. But then I read this review, on the 75th anniversary of the book, which toward the beginning said this:
The story in Goodnight Moon, as in all great picture books, comes not so much from an “illustration” of words or pictures with captions, but from an artistic interplay of words and images, and on the first page it is clear that the little bunny is the narrator. The bunny looks directly at the reader, and the “great green room” would be so expansively “great” only because the narrator is so small.
And as I continued to read, I discovered many other interesting things about the book!
Amazing Balance, How Sweet to Watch
Austrian stunt cyclist describes this delightful video like this: “Witness my escape from the daily life, a busy life. Traffic, chaos, commuters. Follow me on a journey through the streets of Austria where the city with all its daily situations becomes my playground.”
Grace and peace,

Mark GalliMark Galli
Mark Galli
Editor-in-Chief, Christianity Today

The Church Is Not a Democracy

A Nation That Can’t Forgive is Doomed

Casey Chalk

On October 2, former Dallas police officer Amber Guyger was convicted of murdering Botham Jean in his own home. Guyger claims she entered Jean’s apartment by accident (she lived on the floor above) and, mistaking him for a burglar, shot him dead. Jean was eating a bowl of ice cream. Following Guyger’s sentencing, Jean’s 18-year-old […]

The Church Is Not a Democracy

Chilton Williamson, Jr.

The Amazon synod touches directly or indirectly on many issues that will have repercussions far beyond the river basin. Among them is democracy and its relationship to the Church of Rome. The current Vatican regime claims that the principle of “synodality” in ecclesiastical government is both legitimate and valuable. Bishops are in closer contact with […]

In U.S., decline of Christianity continues at rapid pace

The early church thrived amid secularism and shows how we can, too
Christianity Today: The pre-Christendom church managed to avoid both isolationism and accommodationism. Their model gives us a map for post-Christendom challenges.

High-tech rosary aimed at luring godless teens back to church
New York Post: God is getting into wearable tech.

What Elijah Cummings meant to Baltimore*
The New Yorker: A small number possess both the honesty and the insight to speak truthfully to racism. Cummings belonged to that number.

In synod debate over married priests, is the Rhine flowing into the Amazon?
Crux: Given that Brazil contains the lion's share of the Amazon, and given the strong German imprint in Brazil, inevitably that means German-language Catholicism has an especially strong impact on Catholic life there too.

The Vatican created a $110 wearable 'eRosary'

San Francisco blacklists 22 pro-life states

San Francisco blacklists 22 pro-life states: Traveling to or doing business with businesses in states with "restrictive abortion laws" forbidden
How many abortions did Deborah Nucatola perform?: Testimony from Planned Parenthood video star
3000-seat church coming to Visalia: News story says one of the biggest in U.S.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Withdrawal from Syria Threatens the Growing Kurdish Church

Christianity is spreading in the majority Sunni community. But what will the violence mean?
Morgan Lee
Last week President Trump abruptly announced that American soldiers would be leaving Kurdish-controlled territory in Syria. The news shocked the US military. It was also an unwelcome surprise to Kurdish fighters, whom the US had backed in the fight against ISIS.
The announcement was good news for Syria's ...
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