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Friday, October 12, 2018

American pastor Andrew Brunson Released

Free at Last: Andrew Brunson Released by Turkey After Two Years
Free at Last: Andrew Brunson Released by Turkey After Two Years
American pastor was imprisoned on false charges of terrorism.
Christianity Today and World Watch Monitor
American pastor Andrew Brunson has been released after being detained for two years in Turkey.
At a hearing this morning, a Turkish court freed him from judicial control, which lifts his house arrest and travel ban.
Despite a guilty verdict sentencing him to 3 years, 1 month, and 15 days in prison, Brunson may return home to the United States as soon as today due to good behavior and time already served.
NBC News broke the news yesterday of the expected deal between Turkey and the United States over ...
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7 lessons for ministry I've learned as a Jesuit

When self-help means less help
Comment: Pediatric oncologist Raymond C. Barfield on Barbara Ehrenreich's book "Natural Causes" and learning to live as if you'll die one day.

Father James Martin: 7 lessons for ministry I've learned as a Jesuit
America: What does it take to be a good minister? Father James Martin, S.J., shares seven lessons he's learned from his own ministry as a Jesuit.

Pope accepts embattled DC cardinal's resignation
CNN: Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of Cardinal Donald Wuerl, the embattled archbishop of Washington, ending weeks of mounting speculation and rising anger over Wuerl's role in two clergy sexual abuse scandals.

Christian Post parent firm, former CEO indicted by New York DA on fraud charges
Religion News Service: Prosecutors say the parent company of The Christian Post, a major Christian website, was part of a $10 million fraud scheme.

Half of pastors approve of Trump's job performance
Christianity Today: A slim majority of pastors say they approve of the job President Donald Trump has done in the White House, but many are unsure.

Ouellet vs Viganò: What have we learned?

Ouellet vs Viganò: What have we learned?: The cardinal, in refuting the claim that Pope Benedict formally imposed sanctions, confirmed that something was done about McCarrick, and far earlier than previously confirmed by the Vatican
Sacramento bishop warns of “unauthorized rites”: In a Sept. 25th memo, Bishop Jaime Soto tells priests and parishioners that unauthorized Masses and other sacraments are being celebrated "in houses, halls, parks and other places"
Vandals target Old Mission Santa Barbara again: Pillars were defaced with 3-foot-high graffiti, paint splattered on the front door and walkway; Last year, the statue of St. Junipero Serra was removed after someone poured red paint over it and cut off its head

What happened to the Catholic Church?

Money, sex and absolute power
by Arthur Jones
Part Two: Jesus had founded a community of and for the poor, yet most of its top leaders were wallowing with the wealthy or in personal wealth.The great example of how far the church had strayed is St. Francis of Assisi, who also offered a solution.

Haven't read Part One of Arthur Jones' series? Find it here.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Pope Francis: Abortion is like hiring a hitman

Pope Francis recalled the legacy of St. John Paul II Wednesday, meeting at the Vatican with pilgrims from the Archdiocese of Kraków.
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The new tax bill's war on churches (and other nonprofits)

Why a large church group had little impact when it opposed Kavanaugh's nomination
The Conversation: The National Council of Churches has long been the voice of progressive religion. But over the years, its influence has waned.

The new tax bill's war on churches (and other nonprofits)
Religion News Service: To help offset lost revenue from tax cuts, new tax bill targets fringe benefits provided to people who work for houses of worship, charities, private schools and suchlike 501(c)(3)s.

Can millennial pastor Nick Hall bridge the generational divide among evangelical Christians?
City Pages: Nick Hall leads a movement that tries to address the social justice issues important to many young Christians without alienating their more conservative elders.

Politics as the new religion for progressive Democrats
The Atlantic: Religiously unaffiliated voters, who may or may not be associated with other civic institutions, seem most excited about supporting or donating to causes, going to rallies, and expressing opinions online, among other activities.

Texas Catholic dioceses plan to name all priests 'credibly accused' of sex abuse since 1950, Dallas bishop says
Dallas News: All Catholic dioceses in Texas will release the names of every clergy member since 1950 to be "credibly accused of sexual abuse of minors," Dallas Bishop Edward Burns said Wednesday.

Should Christians Trust Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince’s Promises of Reform?

Things may be get better for religious minorities but MBS’s promises of countrywide reform ring hollow.
CT Editors
Last week, Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi entered the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul, Turkey. He has not been seen since. Now, Turkish officials believe Khashoggi, a longtime critic of the country, was murdered by Saudi officials.
That same week, US officials visited the Saudi Arabian capital ...
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Half of US Protestant church leaders Approve of Trump

Survey of US Protestant church leaders parses support for the President by church size, denomination, ethnicity, and age.
Aaron Earls - Facts & Trends
A slim majority of pastors say they approve of the job President Donald Trump has done in the White House, but many are unsure.
A new study from Nashville-based LifeWay Research of Protestant senior pastors found 51 percent approve of how Trump has handled the presidency, with 25 percent strongly approving. ...
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Why Does the Red Planet Call to Us?

Why Does the Red Planet Call to Us?
Why Does the Red Planet Call to Us?
What space exploration tells us about human curiosity, from Eden to Mars.
Douglas Estes
Blue is the color of Mars at sunset. From the surface, the cold, dim light of the setting sun comes in from the horizon as it competes with the ever-present dust, thick in the air. The plains of graveled hematite that were once shades of ochre and umber by day are now jet and onyx.
In the darkness, Mars may seem to be a dead planet. But in Gale Crater, there is human movement, as NASA’s Curiosity rover slowly treks its way up the shoulder of Mount Sharp.
Mars is not the dying planet sprung from ...
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The Modernist Roots of Our Current Crisis

Church Scandal Through the Eyes of St. Thomas More

Travis Curtright

And he said, “Sit down here while I go over there to pray.” And he took Peter and the two sons of Zebedee with him. He began to feel sorrow and grief and fear and weariness. Then he said to them, “My soul is sad unto death. Stay here and keep watch with me” (Matt. […]

The Modernist Roots of Our Current Crisis

Fr. Nicholas Gregoris

Recently, the Church has suffered blow after blow as a result of scandals involving clergy sex abuse and the abuse of power exercised by certain bishops and cardinals who sought to cover up that abuse so as to protect the abusers. Some accusations have been raised about Pope Francis stemming all the way back to […]