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Sunday, September 8, 2019

"God Revealed in History: Covenant Realities for Today"

History is the outworking of the covenant, of our response as covenant-keepers or covenant-breakers and the covenant consequences—God’s judgements or blessings (Deut 28; Lev 26). The covenant blessings and curses are released according to our obedience to his Word into three covenant institutions: family, church, and culture (especially the civil state). The role of the OT prophets was to interpret the circumstances of God’s people in light of the covenant. In this way they were covenant enforcers, prosecuting the covenant-lawsuit against those who committed spiritual adultery with the false gods of the nations. Thus calling them to return to the Lord and to covenant fidelity. Even in the NT the ministry of prophets has not changed—there is continuity between covenants and prophetic function (Eph 4:11). And as equippers of Christ’s body they enable the church to in turn be a prophetic people to the surrounding culture, calling it back to the touchstone of the covenant.
And so, God has purposed to bring his kingdom to earth through covenant; it is the legal constitution of God’s government. By its judicial function the favour or judgement of God is released into the affairs of men, bringing either flourishing or wasting to nations and cultures. Through obedience to the Lord of the covenant and his laws, God has purposed the progressive development of the restored Edenic paradise to the whole earth.
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