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Monday, January 25, 2016

Public's trust in clergy plummets

New Emanuel AME pastor in sermon about hope: 'Our best days are in front of us'
The (Charleston, S.C.) Post & Courier: Appointed on Saturday as Emanuel AME's first woman pastor, the Rev. Dr. Betty Deas Clark was trembling and scared Sunday morning, when she delivered her first sermon to her new congregation.

Francis pioneers a merciful way to oppose abortion, gay marriage
Crux: Perhaps the question is not whether Pope Francis will lead the Church away from its traditional positions, but whether he's modeling a different way of making the argument.

Stamp will honor Philadelphia's Richard Allen, a founding father of America
Philadelphia Inquirer: There were few things the seemingly indefatigable AME founder Richard Allen was unable to do.

Public's trust in clergy plummets
Christian Today: Clergy are now less trusted in the UK than ordinary people on the street, as a new survey reveals that what was once the most trusted profession has since plummeted in the public's eye.

The U.S. circus of religious nationalism
The (Toronto) Globe and Mail: If Jesus, Martin Luther King Jr. and Mother Teresa were sitting at a table talking U.S. politics, would Donald Trump fit in?

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