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Saturday, January 23, 2016

12 Reasons Why Progressive Christianity Will Die Out

Standing on my Head
12 Reasons Why Progressive Christianity Will Die Out
by Fr. Dwight Longenecker
The real divide in Christianity is no longer Protestant and Catholic, but progressive and historic.
The God Article
A Letter to Progressive Christians: On the Death of Progressive Christianity
by Mark Sandlin
What Longenecker failed to mention is how progressive churches are providing theological nourishment to a whole new generation of Christians.
Godless in Dixie
Religious Freedom Is Under Attack … Again?
by David Simms
David Simms takes us back to 1983, when Bob Jones University tried to make the case to the Supreme Court that racism was biblical.
Something in the Water: Privilege and Poison in Flint
by Erin Wathen
Environmental racism: A social and cultural phenomenon in which impoverished areas, inhabited primarily by people of color, are more likely to experience the ill effects of pollution in the air, water, and other natural resources.
Life-Size Replica of Noah's Ark Set to Open in KY
by Deily
Christians will soon be able to experience the epic Biblical story of Noah and the Ark.
Field Notes on Living
A Letter Home
by Mark Nepo
Having cancer in my mid-30s unraveled the way I see the world. Here is a poem that can help you meet the transformations that await you.

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