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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The fear of Islam in Tennessee public schools

Wheaton College suspends hijab-wearing professor after ‘same God’ comment
Christianity Today: A tenured Wheaton College political science professor who pledged to wear a hijab during Advent in support of her Muslim neighbors has been placed on administrative leave.

DeVon Franklin, the hottest Christian in Hollywood
OZY: The 37-year-old producer has his own sort of ecclesiastical mission to spread the good word and a platform that would be the envy of any Jehovah's Witness or average preacher.

American mosques trying to protect bodies and spirits from hate
Religion News Service: As Islamic leaders worry about the physical safety of their flocks, they are also paying attention to the spiritual damage Islamophobia can inflict.

The Atlantic: The fear of Islam in Tennessee public schools 

Modesto pastor recovering from accidental gunshot in firearm-safety class
Modesto (Calif.) Bee: A pastor with a Modesto church is recovering from a gunshot wound he suffered in a firearms safety class.

Kidless adults in Portland, Ore., are waiting 90 minutes to visit Hipster Santa
Washington Post: In the Oregon city that prides itself on refusing convention, even the mainstay of Christmas has to be quirky and hyper-local. A red hat and suit? Please. Try a man bun, Pendleton sweater and heavy-rimmed glasses.

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