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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmastime is to “honor Jesus”

Francis calls on global leaders to abolish death penalty, provide healthcare, forgive debt
National Catholic Reporter: Pope Francis has strongly called upon global leaders to make what he has termed “courageous gestures of concern” for those left most in need by society -- especially prisoners, migrants, and the unemployed.

From pride to fear
Baptist News Global: Following the news, Americans' hearts don't fill with pride -- they're pulled away instead, toward fear, says the Rev. Amy Butler.

Top U.S. Catholic bishop denounces anti-Islam backlash to shootings
Religion News Service: Archbishop Joseph Kurtz also laments the Planned Parenthood attack and violence “in the name of God,” and calls for stricter gun control.

Remembering David Steinmetz's quest to free the church from amnesia
Christianity Today: How the legendary Reformation scholar sought to regain the church's identity from the past.

O come to church all ye faithful, sort of faithful and atheists, too
Religion News Service: No. 1 reason most U.S. adults -- Christians and many unbelievers, too -- give for going to church at Christmastime is to “honor Jesus,” according to a new survey.

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