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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Wheaton College Suspends Hijab-Wearing Professor

Christianity Today's 2016 Book Awards
Our picks for the books most likely to shape evangelical life, thought, and culture.

Friends who know my book-besotted line of work sometimes ask whether I actually read, cover-to-cover, all the volumes that come streaming into my office. I have to suppress a snicker, because that's a bit like asking whether Alex Trebek knows all the answers on Jeopardy! Still, I devoured every word of the four finalists for CT's first-ever Beautiful Orthodoxy book award... continue reading >>

North Korea Sentences Canadian Megachurch Pastor to Life in Prison
(UPDATED) Toronto pastor who made hundreds of humanitarian trips dodges death penalty.
Good Question
Is the God of Muhammad the Father of Jesus?
The answer to this question reveals the heart of our faith.
Wheaton College Suspends Hijab-Wearing Professor After 'Same God' Comment
Larycia Hawkins said she wanted to show Advent solidarity with Muslims.
Forgiver of Missionary Martyrdoms Wins India's Mother Teresa Award
Gladys Staines follows the Dalai Lama, Malala Yousefzai, and the 'Machine Gun Preacher.'

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