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Thursday, November 12, 2015

What the pope can do -- and can't -- do

What the pope can do -- and can't -- do
National Catholic Reporter: The pope is going to do something new and it will be gradual and it will be careful and it will make the old new. That is change. Making the old new.

Mormons plan to quit over church's new policy banning baptism in gay families
Washington Post: A public group resignation is planned for Saturday and reports are surfacing that church leadership may already be preparing to tweak the controversial edict.

Fact-checking Ben Carson's pyramid-ism misses the point
Religion Dispatches: Ben Carson's error about the pyramids is an unusual, and therefore unusually revealing, artifact of the strange fact-space in which American elections take place.

Churches promote ministries that unite generations
Baptist News Global: The desire to attract and retain youth has led some churches to place that age group in silos separating them from the larger life of the congregation.

What does the Constitution say about a praying high school football coach?
Slate: Coercing students isn't exactly sporting.

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