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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Overcoming the Discipleship Deficit

How to Help Those in Need (Without Turning Them into Beggars)
Robert Lupton shares strategies to lift people out of poverty for the long haul.
Interview by Bethany Hoang
Charity is a core part of the church's mission to our nation and world. But what if our best efforts to help those in poverty actually drive their poverty deeper? Robert Lupton, founder and president of Atlanta's FCS Urban Ministries, argues that many popular forms of generosity and service are often toxic... continue reading >>

Ponder Christian Soldiers
This Veterans Day, Meet the Soldiers of Church History
Did you know the holiday was originally named after a French bishop?
How Indonesia's 'Religious Harmony' Law Has Closed 1,000 Churches
Even churches with proper documentation are being denied building permits. Why?
Christian Community Doesn't Require Our Blind Trust
Discernment and judgment must come first.
Movie Review
The 24th James Bond movie shows that franchise films don't have to be innovative to be fun.
The Exchange
Overcoming the Discipleship Deficit
The church must be more vigilant about making disciples and leading people to become more like Jesus.

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