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Thursday, November 12, 2015

A Psychologist Faces Her Own Anxiety

Pastor Saeed Abedini's Wife Halts Public Advocacy, Citing Marital Woes and Abuse
ACLJ says it will continue to fight for Iranian pastor's freedom.
Bob Smietana
For the past three years Naghmeh Abedini has publicly battled her husband's captors, advocating for his release from an Iranian jail. Behind the scenes, she also struggled with his inner demons. Last week, the emotional distress of doing both finally proved too much... continue reading >>

Truth Be Told
The Hole in Our Servant Leadership
If you don't have to relinquish some power, then it's not really it.
Let There Be Life (At the Movies)
In Hollywood's calculus, movies are expensive—but life is cheap.
A Psychologist Faces Her Own Anxiety
How a therapist who knew it all is learning to let it go.
The Exchange
Five Essential Elements of Transformational Small Groups
Small groups are not automatically effective. It takes intentionality to make them accomplish their mission.

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