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Friday, November 13, 2015

Some ideas for the Starbucks Christmas cup

Newton seminary plans to scale down operations, relocate
Boston Globe: Established more than two centuries ago as the nation's first theological seminary, Andover Newton Theological School is on the verge of dramatic change.

German Protestant church denounces anti-Semitism of founder Martin Luther
Forward: Germany's main Protestant body distanced itself from the anti-Semitism of its founder, Martin Luther, and pledged to confront the dark side of its roots.

Stephen Colbert has some ideas for the Starbucks Christmas cup
Crux: The Starbucks Red Cup Christmas Controversy has by now played itself out but not before one of America's funniest Catholics weighed in on the non-troversy.

Forward: The war on Hanukkah is real -- your chocolate maccabees are really Santas 

How to help those in need (without treating them like beggars)
Christianity Today: Robert Lupton shares strategies to lift people out of poverty for the long haul.

The dirty little secret about religious conversion stories
CNN: There's a strange resemblance between religious conversion stories and weight-loss ads: both rely on astutely edited “before” and “after” images.

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