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Monday, October 26, 2015

From myths to ministry

Who won? Who lost? 5 points on the contentious Vatican summit
Religion News Service: While the delegates made hundreds of suggestions on a host of issues, two took center stage, in part because they represented a barometer for the whole question of change: Could the church be more welcoming to gays, and was there a way divorced and remarried Catholics could receive Communion without an annulment?
The Guardian: Pope Francis warns Catholic bishops against sticking too rigidly to doctrine
America magazine: The Pope’s strong words for those who seek to block change in the church

From myths to ministry
The Lutheran: Here are five myths about young adults and giving, and suggested ways to engage in ministry with them.

‘Disruptive innovation’ theory comes under scrutiny
The Boston Globe: Some of Clay Christensen’s findings and conclusions have been questioned in both popular and academic publications, most recently the MIT Sloan Management Review.

Questions linger over how UNC chose Spellings
The Chronicle of Higher Education: After Friday’s selection of the former U.S. secretary of education Margaret Spellings as the new president of the University of North Carolina system, some faculty members and students expressed guarded hope for her leadership. But many remained concerned over what had been a messy and divisive search process.
Inside Higher Ed: The political pick

A 'family-friendly' shift in debate over work-life balance
NPR: This past week, two of this country's most powerful men -- who work in a city where power is everything and work is king -- both made career decisions with personal and family needs at the center.

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