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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Destination Rome - Bikers on a Pilgrimage

The Church Program | Faith Matters | DW | 03.10.15 | DW.COM

Destination Rome - Bikers on a Pilgrimage

29-year-old Janina is the youngest, 72-year-old Gerd the eldest. The two
bikers were among a group of Christian motorcyclists, who made a
pilgrimage to Rome this summer. Driving from Berlin mainly on secondary
roads and travelling no faster than 90 km per hour, they took ten days
to reach the Eternal City. Always exploring a new topic, the group
undertakes this pilgrimage each year. More than an adventure, the
journey is a way of increasing their knowledge. This time they set out
to explore the relationship between Church and State. With all the
contemporary controversy about establishing Islamic theocracies in the
Middle East, they wanted to learn more about the centuries-old struggle
between the State and the Christian Church in Europe.

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