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Monday, October 26, 2015

Singapore Convicts Megachurch Leaders of Fraudulently Funding Evangelism

Preaching That Unleashes the Bible's Power
Why expository sermons should make up your church's main diet.
Timothy Keller
There are two basic forms of preaching: expository and topical. Hughes Oliphant Old defines expository preaching as "the systematic explanation of Scripture done on a week-by-week...basis at the regular meeting of the congregation." Expository preaching grounds the message in the text so that all the sermon's points are points in the... continue reading >>

The Grief, Happiness, and Hope of Late-in-Life Singleness
What I learned from decades of asking, "Why am I still alone?"
Singapore Convicts Megachurch Leaders of Fraudulently Funding Evangelism
During Sunday service, pastor apologizes after court rejects how building funds were diverted to wife's pop music career.
The Exchange
What Is the Missional Church? (Part 3)—God-Empowered Love
The world should be able to recognize the Church in an instant because of how the Church loves people as they have been loved by God.
The Exchange
Let's Rediscover Discipleship
I recently had the opportunity to write the foreword for Robby Gallaty's newest book on discipleship.
'The Armor of Light' and Inflaming the Conscience: A Conversation with Abigail Disney and Rob Schenck
We spoke with the documentary's director and subject about gun policy, the ways fear manipulates Christians, and why the choice to befriend someone else is vital to peace in public life.
First Day of Prayer Draws Debate in One of Africa's Christian Nations
President of Zambia seeks solution to economic problems. Christians debate whether motive matters.
The Exchange
Saturday is for Seminars: Off to Montreal!
We are releasing a sneak peek of some new research on church planting in Canada.

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