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Wednesday, June 12, 2024



The Left Behind books are filled with car bombings, murders, earthquakes, floods, wars, famines, and plagues. Tim LaHaye did most of the study of Christian prophecy that led him to portray events like these during his time in San Diego. In 1956, the year that he came to town, a family could buy a home for a song. Many people who lived here then describe the area as a paradisiacal combination of urban and rural settings in ideal weather. There was little of the air pollution we have now. And after being the pastor of a church in Minnesota for six years, LaHaye could enjoy waterskiing, his fondest recreational passion, whenever he wanted.
Why, then, was he largely preoccupied at the time with the tribulation predicted in the Book of Revelation?
Scott Memorial Community Church, now known as Grace Church SD traces its roots back to a San Diego Sunday school group organized in 1909 by Civil War chaplain Winfield Scott (not the general). Earlier, Winfield Scott also founded Winfield, Kansas, and Scottsdale, Arizona.

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