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Thursday, May 30, 2024

‘In the name of God’*

‘In the name of God’*
The Washington Post: For decades, Catholic priests, brothers and sisters raped or molested Native American children who were taken from their homes by the U.S. government and forced to live at remote boarding schools, a Post investigation found.

Died: Sam Butcher, artist who created Precious Moments*
Christianity Today: His porcelain figurines sold millions while he built a church inspired by the Sistine Chapel.

Christian organizations come together to take boycott, divestment action as Rafah campaign continues
Religion News Service: “A core practice of nonviolent resistance, including within our tradition, is economic non-cooperation with injustice,” the Christian organizations wrote.

Texas curriculum overhaul would increase biblical content in elementary schools
The Guardian: Two million Texas kids could see new curriculum emphasizing Bible stories to instruct them in the “American cultural experience.”

France’s headscarf ban in the 2024 Summer Olympics reflects a narrow view of national identity
The Conversation: The 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris have sparked a discussion about whether female Muslim athletes who wear a headscarf should be allowed to compete.

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