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Thursday, May 30, 2024

Bishop Barron: Anti-religion Bill Maher has ‘become an ally’

A new player in post-secondary Catholic education: San Damiano College for the Trades

The new college, which is currently accepting applications for its fall 2025 inaugural class, is geared toward young men.
Pope Francis opens new catechetical cycle on Holy Spirt’s role in salvation

Titled “The Spirit and the Bride: The Holy Spirit Guides God’s People Toward Jesus Our Hope,” the new cycle will unfold across three main themes.
Diocese of Buffalo to merge a third of its parishes

Buffalo Bishop Michael Fisher said in a May 28 video statement that 34% of its parishes — about 55 — will be merged in a process of “rightsizing and reshaping.”
Bishop Barron: Anti-religion Bill Maher has ‘become an ally’

In recent years, Bishop Robert Barron noted, the comedian has pivoted away from criticism of religion and more toward criticism of “woke” politics. 
U.S. bishops’ synod synthesis reveals desire for greater unity, evangelization

“This document reflects the sense that there exists among Catholics in the United States a deep desire to rebuild and strengthen our communion as the body of Christ.”

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