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Friday, December 1, 2023

The tree of God’s mysteries

How a $7 fee fueled a religious scandal
Deseret News: Washington National Cathedral, like many houses of worship, is more crowded than usual during the holiday season. Is it OK for houses of worship to sometimes charge for admission?
Ex-cardinal McCarrick’s sex assault case in Wisconsin appears to be dead*
The Washington Post: A Wisconsin prosecutor has declined to challenge a doctor’s assessment that disgraced ex-cardinal Theodore McCarrick is incompetent to stand trial, making it more likely the only remaining criminal charge against McCarrick will be dismissed.
‘Jesus’ film producers plan release of new animated version in 2025
Religion News Service: Josh Newell, executive director of Jesus Film Project, said he views animation as a fitting means to speak to younger generations about the life of Jesus.
‘A moral injustice’: A small Australian town is fighting to save its 130-year-old church
The Guardian: When the Uniting church signaled it intended to sell the Carngham church in Victoria, Australia, the community rallied round to save it.
The tree of God’s mysteries*
The Christian Century: The Jewish Kabbalah tradition offers a way of understanding God in the world — one that has profoundly influenced Christianity.

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