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Friday, December 1, 2023

EU court says public employees may be barred from wearing head scarf

Opposing communities plan separate memorial services for Carlton Pearson
Religion News Service: “I want to show diversity,” Pearson said in a recording near the end of his life, which has ended up being shown through the range of services.
In undisclosed call, Pope Francis warned Israel against committing ‘terror’*
The Washington Post: As bombs fell and tanks penetrated deep into Gaza in late October, Israeli President Isaac Herzog held a fraught phone call with Pope Francis.
In Gaza, the cease-fire accentuates the barbarity of the war
Religion News Service: The relative quiet is only a reminder that the status quo in Gaza is cruelty.
In the US, Black survivors are nearly invisible in the Catholic clergy sexual abuse crisis
The Associated Press: Cases of clergy abuse among African Americans are especially underreported, according to experts, who argue the lack of attention adds to the trauma of an already vulnerable population.
EU court says public employees may be barred from wearing head scarf
Reuters: The top European Union court ruled on Tuesday that public authorities in member states can prohibit employees from wearing signs of religious belief, such as an Islamic head scarf, in the latest decision on an issue that has divided Europe for years.

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