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Friday, September 15, 2023

Lightning strike destroys monumental statue of Christ in Mexico

Ordination of women should not be focal point of synod, Scandinavian cardinal says

Cardinal Anders Arborelius said the issue of ordaining women “cannot lead further, as priestly ministry is reserved to men in Catholic and Orthodox doctrine.”
Lightning strike destroys monumental statue of Christ in Mexico

Christ the Fisher was erected by Peruvian sculptor Pedro Víctor Cuya Ramos. Its construction began in 2014 and six years later the work was completed.
Why the Queen of Belgium can wear white when meeting the pope

She has the “privilège du blanc,” a papal privilege currently granted only to Catholic royalty from Spain, Luxembourg, Belgium, Monaco, and the House of Savoy.
Pope Francis appoints Father Spadaro to culture and education post

Father Antonio Spadaro, known popularly as “the pope’s mouthpiece,” announced Thursday that he was leaving the Jesuit-run La Civiltà.
Pope Francis, former President Clinton to have ‘special conversation’ at foundation meeting

The Clinton Global Initiative 2023 meeting will open Sept. 18 with “a special conversation” between Clinton and the pope via a remote link.

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