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Wednesday, August 9, 2023



I have the impression that human beings go through our lives always looking for “something more.” That "something else" is something that, while it is deep within us, is also beyond us. It is "that something" that somehow moves us to seek meaning in life. Between searching, experimenting and knowing, you search again, and start again. There is always something more we want. This restless search of the human heart, as Saint Augustine describes it, is due to the fact that man thirsts for God and only God can quench that thirst.

In today's first reading (1 Kings 19: 9a. 11-13a) we see the prophet Elijah climb Mount Horeb, hoping to have an encounter with God. The interesting thing about this search is that God allows himself to be found by those who seek him. For Elijah, the presence of God will be in the softness of a subtle breeze, which comforts and caresses. God tenderly makes himself present to those who love him and are faithful to him.

Later on, according to today's gospel (Mt 14: 22-33), it will be the apostles who will have a divine experience that will reveal the greatness of the One who walks alongside them:  Jesus. The teacher has gone to pray, while they have gone to sea. Jesus will reach them, walking on the waters, for Jesus is the Lord, he is the Christ, he is God. He is the Creator and everything is submitted to Him. Full of astonishment and fear, Peter, like the rest of the group, dares to ask Jesus to be able to walk on the water as well, and only faith makes it possible for Peter himself to achieve it, although the weakness of his faith makes him doubt. Beautiful is the phrase of Peter to Christ when his faith has failed him: "Lord, save me!". Christ seems to expect more from Peter, although he surely treated Peter severely, he also treated him with tenderness. Jesus goes to meet Peter, and stretches out his hand.


Humanity today continues to hunger and thirst for God, and sometimes looks for him where he is not present. God comes out to meet everyone who seeks him sincerely and humbly. God wants to make a way together with each one of us. Jesus Christ continues to reach out to everyone who with faith and humility seeks his help. Let us be filled with the presence of the Spirit of God, for He encourages our faith and shows us the way to go along with the Son of God.


P. Carlos Flores, OSA

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