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Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Church attendance is still evolving in a post-pandemic world

 Research-based guidelines for leading the church in a new era of ministry

By Eileen R. Campbell-Reed 

How can Christian leaders adapt to the changes the pandemic has brought? A scholar who has studied pastors and volunteers during the past three years offers suggestions for adjusting to a new reality.

Bored? Don’t avoid that feeling. Engage it

Q&A with Kevin Hood Gary

Most people respond to boredom by either avoiding it — hello, smartphone! — or resigning themselves to it. But what if we dealt with boredom by transforming it into a different state of mind?


By Ira Murray

A series of recent decisions will have far-reaching ramifications headed into a new academic year, writes an associate director of Vanderbilt University’s Initiative for Race Research and Justice.

Church attendance is still evolving in a post-pandemic world

By Shari Finnell

The latest findings from a five-year study reveal church attendance is recovering but without a discernible pattern.


By A. Trevor Sutton

Rather than reacting with overblown fear or uncritical acceptance, Christian leaders should learn the benefits and pitfalls of artificial intelligence.

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