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Friday, August 11, 2023

Long COVID has derailed my life

United Methodist pastors feel worse and worry more than a decade ago
Religion News Service: Half have trouble sleeping, a third feel depressed and isolated, half are obese, and three-quarters are worried about money, according to a new study.
Putting their prayers on the line, evangelical chaplains minister on multiple fronts in Ukraine*
Christianity Today: New rules integrate pastors into the military to help with physical and spiritual needs as fighting continues.
Parliament of the World’s Religions seeks understanding and action
NPR: Some 10,000 participants from more than 80 countries and 200 religious traditions will convene in Chicago.
Long COVID has derailed my life. Make no mistake: It could yours, too.*
The Washington Post: “I was glad for everyone who was fine, but a nasty implication hovered over those of us who weren’t: What’s your problem?” novelist Madeline Miller writes.
‘It was scary’: Man allegedly attempted to run over several Muslim families at California park
HuffPost: A father of four who was present said his children are refusing to sleep alone out of fear after the incident.

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