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Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Southern Baptist Convention disfellowships Saddleback Church

Southern Baptist Convention disfellowships Saddleback Church*
Christianity Today: Four other congregations with female pastors were also determined to be not in “friendly cooperation” with the SBC, as well as one removed over its abuse response.
​​​​​​​Religion News Service:
Southern Baptists oust Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church for naming a female pastor
Seattle becomes the first U.S. city to ban caste discrimination
Associated Press: The Seattle City Council on Tuesday added caste to the city’s anti-discrimination laws, becoming the first U.S. city to ban caste discrimination and the first in the world to pass such a law outside South Asia.
Choosing the irrational sanity of Ash Wednesday
Religion News Service: Ash Wednesday is almost universally underrated in its power to redeem.
How do we cultivate deep reading processes in a digital age?
Australian Broadcasting Corporation: We are still in the early stages of understanding the effect of digital-based learning on the development of children’s reading brains, as well as on the maintenance of reading brains in adults.
The kids aren’t all right — but hope can help*
Inside Higher Ed: Colleges have a role in cultivating hopefulness in a generation of young people suffering the mental health effects of the pandemic and political conflict
Nonstop worship service at Kentucky college set to end after attracting thousands*
The Washington Post: After almost two weeks of 24-hour worship, a revival at Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky, will end, the school said, with the last public evening service set for Sunday.
​​​​​​​Religion News Service:
Citing disruptions to school and town, Asbury authorities move to end 13 days of revival
Anglicans reject Justin Welby as head of global church amid anger at same-sex blessings
The Guardian: Church leaders of some developing countries say the Church of England has disqualified itself as ‘mother church.’
Housekeeper’s husband is arrested in fatal shooting of ‘peacemaker’ Catholic bishop
NBC News: The suspect, Carlos Medina, 65, had said Bishop David O’Connell owed him money, Los Angeles County Sheriff Robert G. Luna told reporters.
Beth Moore tries to untangle her ‘all knotted-up life’ in new memoir
Religion News Service: In a tender, gracious and at times heartbreaking new book, the beloved Bible teacher and former Southern Baptist recalls the people and the God who saved her from the chaos of her childhood.
The ethics of home ownership in an age of growing inequality
The Conversation: For many Americans today, homeownership is an unattainable dream.
We cannot ignore the human tragedy unfolding in Ukraine
National Catholic Reporter: The heroic defiance of the Ukrainian military and its people this past year cannot allow us to ignore the human tragedy that is unfolding before our eyes, even though casualty estimates are difficult to make while the fighting is ongoing.
Jimmy Carter’s church asks for comfort for his family as the former president enters hospice care
CNN: The church where Jimmy Carter taught Sunday school for decades marked his poignant absence this weekend as the former president receives end-of-life care.
Deseret News: Perspective: How Jimmy Carter became a national treasure
Los Angeles Bishop David O’Connell dies in shooting
RNS: Bishop David O’Connell, 69, is known to have ministered to those affected by gang violence and poverty, and he was regarded as a “peacemaker” between rival gangs.
Harvard, National Council of Churches, Reform Jews seeking reparations blueprint
RNS: A professor and students at Harvard Kennedy School are joining forces with prominent Christian and Jewish organizations to develop a faith-based blueprint to advance the possibility of reparations for African Americans.
Beware drawing bright lines between evangelical and ecumenical Protestants*
Christianity Today: The divisions between these “parties” are important. So are the divisions within them, writes Heath W. Carter in a review of “Christianity’s American Fate.”

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