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Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Race, healing and changing the world

By Michelle T. Sanchez

Ending racial trauma requires discipleship in order to overcome evil and achieve transformation, writes an author in this adapted excerpt from her new book.

By Emilie Haertsch

The outsize economic impact of rural churches on their communities calls for a renewed vision of their importance, according to a two-year study in North Carolina.

By Mycal Brickhouse

Institutions, like individuals, might try intentionally practicing “unusual kindness,” writes a director of programs and grants at Leadership Education at Duke Divinity.

Interview with Richard Lischer

A true story about the life of faith includes the messiness, failures and griefs of human experience. It also offers hope, says the professor emeritus and author of a new book about spiritual memoir.

By Jean Neely

Language that stresses humanity’s distance from God can be deeply hurtful. I prefer to dwell on our belovedness and God’s unwavering maternal heart, writes an author.

By Leslie Quander Wooldridge

Grounded in grassroots traditions, these chaplains are helping advocates for justice across the country access community resources and receive spiritual care.

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