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Wednesday, January 4, 2023

He was just preaching not an emergency

Congress has lagged behind the dramatic shifts in America’s religious landscape. According to the Faith on the Hill report, the current batch of lawmakers remains far more Christian than the rest of the country.

The “Queen of Christian Fiction” is trying something new: Karen Kingsbury is spending $3 million to launch her own movie studio.

When tragedy put Tim Challies’s belief in God’s sovereignty to the test, he committed to accept by faith that God’s will is always good, even when it’s terrible.

CT is launching a new podcast on creativity: PreviewSandra McCracken’s conversations with musicians, poets, painters, artists and advocates on The Slow Work.

Behind the story

We’re excited to share the latest print issue of CT with you! We’ve got books, books, books, plus an in-depth look at Christian librarians, a profile of an Anglican poet, and a critique of the publishing industry’s emphasis on platform. You can check it out online or, if you’re a CT subscriber, look for the issue in your mailbox!

In other news

The former head of the Swiss Evangelical Alliance takes a seat in parliament.

A federal judge ruled against a New York law banning guns from houses of worship. Jews and Christians have challenged the ban.

Houston Christian University is accused of ignoring allegations its track coach preyed on female athletes.
John Piper’s Apple watch thought he was having an emergency. He was just preaching.

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