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Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Congress remains far more Christian than the country

Congress remains far more Christian than the country
Christianity Today: Denominational identity is dropping among lawmakers, but few are “nones.”
Pew Research Center:
Faith on the Hill
The Southern Baptist Church ignored its abuse crisis. She exposed it.
Vice: For decades, Christa Brown documented cases of sexual abuse within the world’s largest Baptist denomination — including her own.
Criticism has followed Israel’s new security minister’s visit to Jerusalem site
NPR: It didn't take long for Israel’s most controversial new cabinet minister to touch off international reaction with a visit to Jerusalem’s most sensitive religious site.
Academic freedom vs. rights of Muslim students*
Inside Higher Ed: An instructor at Hamline U showed an image of Muhammad in an art history class. The president criticized the instructor for doing so. Another professor, who tried to explain the situation with an essay in the student paper, had his piece removed.
More than 135,000 Catholics flock to Vatican as Benedict XVI lies in state
The Guardian: The number of Catholics paying tribute in St. Peter’s Basilica, where his body is lying in state for three days before the funeral, has beaten the expectations of Rome officials.

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