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Tuesday, November 1, 2022

The growing political influence of Latino evangelicals

Church hopes for reconciliation of Brazilians after Lula’s election
Crux: More than one day after the election, Bolsonaro had not yet publicly acknowledged his defeat. All over the nation, groups of his supporters have been blocking roads and asking for a military coup to correct what they saw as “a voting fraud” – although there is no evidence of voting irregularities.
“They cannot survive without fear”: A heretic on leaving the evangelical church*
Salon: In
Heretic, Jeanna Kadlec writes of the hard but necessary journey of escaping fundamentalist Christianity.
As Christian nationalism digs in, differing visions surface
Religion News Service: As Christian nationalists get more specific, ideological and theological divisions have reemerged.
‘We need to make America godly again.’ The growing political influence of Latino evangelicals
CNN: Latino Protestant churches surfaced as a key organizing space since the 2020 election when then-President Donald Trump did considerably better in some Hispanic areas than he did in 2016.
Teaching conversational skills through scaffolding*
Inside Higher Ed: As we all relearn the art of conversation, integrating the concept of scaffolding can help students have meaningful conversations, Laurie L. Patton writes.

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