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Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Houses of worship grapple with the future of their online services

Houses of worship grapple with the future of their online services
Religion News Service: Two years into the pandemic, more religious institutions are asking themselves what a hybrid approach can and should look like.
Unvaccinated medical workers turn to religious exemptions
Associated Press: In some institutions, religious exemptions are being invoked by staff and approved by managers in large numbers. It’s a tricky issue for hospital administrators, who are struggling to maintain adequate staff levels and are often reticent to question the legitimacy of the requests.
Crossing the ecclesiastical color line: Black churchgoers in multiracial congregations
AAIHS: A Pew study found that 13 percent of Black churchgoers attend a church that is predominantly white (or Hispanic or Asian), and 25 percent attend a multiracial church where “no single race makes up a majority of attendees.”
No hijabs for now, Indian court tells Muslim students*
The New York Times: In a dispute that’s become a flash point over minority rights, students are told to avoid religious garments of all kinds, pending a ruling on whether schools can ban head scarves.
Activists convicted of ‘falsely accusing’ Greek bishop of hate speech
The Guardian: Human rights groups said the verdict was part of a troubling trend in Greece’s criminal justice system.

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