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Friday, February 18, 2022

Bavink’s appeal and applicability for the underground church

A little-noted lesson from evangelical history: Be less ambitious.

Theologian Herman Bavink isn’t just popular among English-speaking Christians. A Chinese theologian explains Bavink’s appeal and applicability for the underground church.

Vladimir Putin threatens Ukraine. Putinism threatens Christian witness.

Following his provocative New York Times article about evangelicals attempting to reform evangelicalism, columnist David Brooks joins Russell Moore to wrestle with how things got to this point.

In other news

From “Jesus Walks” to Sunday Services, CT has discussed Kanye’s long, complicated relationship with Christianity. A new Netflix trilogy follows the rapper’s career and spiritual life over two decades, from the perspectives of producers who share his faith.

Richard Land, “a foot soldier in the pro-life army,” recalls Southern Baptists’ long history of opposition to Roe v. Wade.

Why the ancient Babylonian language of Akkadian lost out to biblical Aramaic.

New trends in church design: More tech, fewer kitchens.

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