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Tuesday, December 21, 2021

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Whatever the obstacles, Biden’s Build Back Better plan must help undocumented immigrants

Last week, President Joe Biden conceded that his sweeping, $2.2 trillion social and climate spending Build Back Better Act had stalled in the Senate. The BBB would provide much-needed funding for caregiving for children and the elderly, combating climate change, making health care more affordable, and bringing down costs that would strengthen the middle class. As part of this last objective, the bill includes a provision making a small change to current immigration law.

Including the immigration provision in the bill has been a rollercoaster, as is everything immigration related. Democrats have been going back and forth on whether to include a pathway to citizenship or reduce the relief down to something known as immigration parole. The U.S. Senate parliamentarian has claimed immigration relief does not belong in a reconciliation bill; advocates have called for overruling the parliamentarian as she has shown she does not understand the economic benefit of immigration.

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Marquette to welcome Afghan refugee family to campus

Led by its Center for Peacemaking, Marquette University and local groups in Milwaukee are busy preparing to welcome Afghan refugees who fled their country after Kabul fell to Taliban forces in August.

Marquette is offering hospitality, financial support and free tuition to eligible Afghans who want an education to help start new lives. The university is particularly eager to welcome Basir Bita, a 36-year-old human rights activist, translator and longtime colleague of the Center for Peacemaking.

Bita, his wife Hosnia, their 17-year-old daughter Mahdia and 5-year-old son Barbod arrived in Canada on Oct. 22 after a harrowing journey. Because Bita worked for a Canadian NGO in Afghanistan, he and his family expect to become Canadian citizens.

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