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Thursday, August 19, 2021

InterVarsity Press has named its new president and publisher

InterVarsity Press has named its new president and publisher . Terumi Echols becomes the first woman of color to lead at IVP and is among the highest-ranking women of color at major evangelical publishers.

Historians from around the world remember Andrew Walls, a British historian whose profound work helped people rethink global Christianity.

Interested in church history? Here are five books to help you fall in love with “the old, old story of Christianity.”

In other news

Dozens of Nigerian Christians were killed by Fulani attackers as the group’s violence reaches new heights. It’s been escalating for years. A previous CT cover story looked at the Nigerian church’s enduring faith amid persecution.

Polish archaeologists were surprised to uncover a sixth-century Christian city in Egypt.

Some religious art from the Renaissance tried to be authentic. Some tried to be extra. Here’s a brief history of over-the-top Mannerism through a close look at a painting of Mary and Jesus.

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