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Thursday, August 19, 2021

Afghanistan defeat arose from magical thinking

Watch St. Michael’s Abbey’s new video: The Norbertines celebrate 900th anniversary of their founding

My father and I on a retreat in Malibu: What might have happened on the way to Judas’ self-hanging 

Father Stravinskas poses questions for both sides of the Latin Mass debate: No intelligent diocesan bishop is going to stir up trouble where there has been comparative peace

Fordham’s Charlie Camosy advises vaccines but not coercion: Catholic teaching “defends the freedom of conscience"

Catholic University of San Diego health plan pays for abortions, sex-change surgeries: The university said the law requires abortion coverage, but did not point to specific legal examples  

Planned Parenthood mobilizing for Newsom: "Long track record of protecting reproductive freedom"

Afghanistan defeat arose from magical thinking: The Air Force’s big idea for boosting morale was to drag in drag queens

Archbishop Cordileone joins Focus on the Family to decry censorship: Wall Street Journal op-ed cites Sacramento Conference

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