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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Offering hope and help

Traditioned innovation as a way of thinking
A way of thinking and being that holds the past and future in tension, not in opposition, is crucial to the growth and vitality of Christian institutions, writes theologian L. Gregory Jones.

The coming of the Holy Spirit is both a fulfillment of that which is old and a radical new beginning, writes New Testament scholar C. Kavin Rowe. 
The opening of a Whole Foods in the Englewood neighborhood was the culmination of a congregation's multilayered efforts to respond to community needs. Top among them: Fresh, healthy food.
At Baltimore's The Center, church groups from across the U.S. work with outreach ministries of local congregations while learning about the theology of missions and the root causes of poverty and racism. Organizers hope they will apply these lessons in their home communities.
What is the church's role during the global coronavirus outbreak? New offerings and resources from the Faith & Leadership archives can help in these difficult times.
Pandemic response requires more than words of encouragement for those who are suffering. It requires concrete steps to undo systemic injustices, writes David Emmauel Goatley.
COVID-19 presents us with overwhelming daily challenges, but we must also begin to consider what's ahead, writes Nathan Kirkpatrick. 

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