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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Caught up in God

Clergy, scientists grapple with thoughts of worship without congregational singing
Religion News Service: "Based on the science that we are learning about this week, we are urging and I am personally urging extreme caution," said the director of the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship.

Why Americans are praying during the coronavirus pandemic
HuffPost: Whether it's asking for strength to face a tough day or courage to demand justice, a study shows many Americans are leaning on prayer.

A casualty of COVID-19 employment cuts speaks up
Inside Higher Ed: It may be easier for institutions to think associate lecturers should be the first to be let go when things get tough, writes Clarissa Eaton, but our colleagues and students need us.

Europe's Catholic Church awaits new life after coronavirus lockdown
National Catholic Reporter: Different countries have different dates, guidelines for opening Mass.

Caught up in God
Christian Century: "Early on, I got caught up in the logic of the Spirit -- and in the steady beat of black life," Willie Jennings writes.

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