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Saturday, April 25, 2020

funnel resources to Black communities

Some of the most visible Christians in America are failing the coronavirus test
The Atlantic: In place of love, they're offering stark self-righteous judgment.

20 percent of church entities that applied received SBA loans to maintain staff
Crux: Loans ranged from $89,900 to $1.95 million and allow the entity to continue paying part-time workers even though they are not reporting to work.

Muslims around the world face a different kind of Ramadan amid coronavirus
NPR: An unprecedented global pandemic is changing the celebration this year in equally unprecedented ways.

Black pastors urge Trump to focus on virus's heavy impact on minorities
HuffPost: The Trump administration should funnel resources to Black communities and other marginalized groups that have been hit hard by COVID-19, the pastors say.

On 'sacrificing the weak' and these Malthusian times
Sojourners: Economist and Anglican clergyman Rev. Thomas Robert Malthus's economic framing took on the shape of a religious conviction about who deserves to eat and who deserves to starve.

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