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Saturday, April 25, 2020

Can we mourn properly over Zoom?

Church giving down more due to COVID-19 than during recession, survey shows
Religion News Service: Sixty-five percent of churches have seen a decline in giving since mid-March as congregations have halted in-person services due to the coronavirus, according to a new survey.

How social distancing may change the way we do church
National Catholic Reporter: When you think about the mechanics of Sunday Eucharist, it's difficult to imagine a system better designed to spread contagion.

Are Christian churches the next bastion of American socialism?
Literary Hub: Jack Jenkins on the religious left's attempts to fight poverty

Spiritual counselors adapt to serve faithful in pandemic
Associated Press: As the coronavirus claims tens of thousands of American lives, spiritual counselors are facing an already daunting job, rendered life-altering by the pandemic: bringing faith and connection to the sick and bereaved and honoring the dead.

Can we mourn properly over Zoom?*
The Atlantic: Will these videochat funerals be anything more than empty containers for unshed tears?

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