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Friday, January 10, 2020

‘Little Things’ With Love, to Remain in the Lord

Pope and Holy See

All Violence Against a Woman Is a Crime that Destroys Harmony, Poetry and Beauty

Pope Addresses Diplomatic Corps to the Holy See
Religious Freedom

Lebanese Prelates Concerned About Christian Emigration

‘We are living like in an earthquake.’
Conflicts, War, Terrorism

Syriac Catholic Patriarch Visits Northern Iraq

‘We have to always hope against all hope’

The Bible at Center of Church’s Mission in Bangladesh

‘As baptized, we have the responsibility to preach the message of God’
Episcopal Conferences

Institute for Catholic Church Statistics: Poles’ Religiosity is Stable

Statistical Yearbook of the Catholic Church in Poland
Religious Freedom

Christian Leaders in India Call for Inclusive Citizenship Law

Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), Approved in December, Discriminates Against Muslims

‘Heightening Tensions Between US & Iran Risk Rebuilding in Iraq,’ Pope Warns in Annual Address to Diplomats

Pope Appeals to International Community to Help Achieve ‘De-escalation’, Encourage Dialogue
Pope & Holy See

Pope’s Morning Homily: ‘Little Things’ With Love, to Remain in the Lord

Warns Against the Temptation of War, Provoked by the Devil

Pope Francis Addresses Diplomatic Corps (Full Text)

‘The fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris showed how even what seems so solid can be fragile and easily destroyed’

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