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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Race, religion and the future of American evangelicalism

Race, religion and the future of American evangelicalism
Christianity Today: Ryan Burge offers three important trends regarding race and faith that must be considered by evangelical leaders.

Pope: Church should admit history of abuse of women, male domination
Reuters: Pope Francis said the Catholic Church has to acknowledge a history of male domination and sexual abuse of women and children and repair its reputation among young people or risk becoming "a museum."

NIH Director Francis Collins on why Christians must reconcile with science
Religion News Service: Collins, a renowned geneticist, doesn't want a future where the fundamentalist views threatened by science decide that science isn't to be trusted.

The Joseph story offers a model: On climate change, the 'what-to-do' matters more than the 'why'
Baptist News Global: The why doesn't matter so much to those of us who can't cite the specifics of climate science. The what-to-do does matter to all of us who believe God has entrusted the earth to human care.

I'm not passing my parents' religion on to my kids, but I am teaching their values
The Chicago Tribune: Like many, Jared Bilski grew up a devout Catholic then left the church. He won't raise his own children in church and explains what he's doing instead: "We want our kids to have a solid understanding of all religions. Just as importantly, we want them to have respect for what others believe."

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