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Friday, March 8, 2019

Sexism part of the culture of Southern Baptists

If we reject gender discrimination in every other arena, why do we accept it in religion?
The (London) Guardian: Cardinal Pell's recent child sexual abuse conviction has been the catalyst for criticisms of women's lack of authority in the Catholic church.

Sexism has long been part of the culture of Southern Baptists
The Conversation: Recent media reports point to years of sexual abuse by Southern Baptist pastors. Susan M. Shaw describes why a long culture of women's submission is responsible for this crisis.

Women of color get less support at work. Here's how managers can change that.
Harvard Business Review: It's clear that the factors preventing women of color from advancing at work are quite different from those holding white women and even men of color back.

Inclusion can get messy: Gospel implications of a 'Wider Welcome' for United Methodists and the rest of us
Baptist News Global: Offering radical hospitality was a challenge for the church from the beginning, says Bill Leonard.

What Catholic leaders should give up for Lent this year
America Magazine: Let us accept to leave the center stage for a while, suspend our narratives, accept the discomfort of this displacement. Only then we might finally be able to hear Jesus through all those we have silenced so far.

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