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Monday, November 26, 2018

Where Americans find meaning in life

America's epidemic of empty churches
The Atlantic: Religious communities often face a choice -- sell off the buildings they can no longer afford, or find a way to fill them with new uses.

Where Americans find meaning in life
Pew Forum: Economic, religious and political divides shape where Americans find meaning -- but family, career and friendship emerge as common themes.

How faith leaders respond to tragedies like the California wildfires
Vox: "You have two ears and one mouth, so you've got to be listening twice as much as you're talking."

What progressives need to defeat Trump: populism and religion
The (London) Guardian: Together the two have generated some of the most vital moments of democratic change in the modern era, say Luke Bretherton and Daniel Steinmetz-Jenkins.
Slate: Trump's Christian apologists are unchristian

Instead of fighting against the disruption, church choir embraces the Philadelphia Marathon
Runners World: Road closures messed with their service for years. This year, the members decided to do something positive about it.

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