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Thursday, November 8, 2018

The Thanksgiving Turkey Theory of Education

The Thanksgiving Turkey Theory of Education

Edvard Lorkovic

I’m a teacher of some apparent merit and a philosopher of very little. I am decidedly not an educationist. I don’t know, let alone employ, novel theories of education or tricks of the modern pedagogical trade. I read philosophical books with students, talk to them about those books, ask them questions, and attempt to answer […]

Recognition for a Much-Neglected English Catholic Artist

K. V. Turley

Unlike Waugh, Greene, and Tolkien, David Jones is not a name cited by many Catholics interested in the Catholic literary renaissance of the twentieth century. It is a pity. Not only because of Jones’s literary and artistic triumphs of the middle part of that century but also because this multi-talented polymath was a devout Catholic […]

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