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Thursday, November 8, 2018

The embodied church in a digital age

How religious groups voted in the midterm elections
Pew Research: A preliminary analysis of the 2018 midterm elections finds considerable continuity in the voting patterns of several key religious groups.
Religion News Service: The end of America's Protestant political majority gives Republicans cause to worry
Vox: The GOP can't rely on white evangelicals forever

Trump's evangelical allies really didn't like Jeff Sessions
The Atlantic: The ousted attorney general managed to alienate Christians across the political spectrum, even though he's one of their own.
Vox: Jeff Sessions helped create Trump's brand of evangelical patriotism. It will outlast him.

Trump administration weakens Obamacare birth control coverage mandate
CNN: The Trump administration issued two final rules on Wednesday providing employers more flexibility with exemptions to deny women insurance coverage for birth control.

Resurgence of cleric scandal invigorates conservative U.S. critics of Pope Francis
NPR: The resurgence of clerical sex abuse scandals has further emboldened critics of the pope who oppose his big-tent vision of the Catholic Church.

The embodied church in a digital age
Christianity Today: Should we cheer or moan when online churches perform virtual baptisms?

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