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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Church and state -- an unhappy union?

Faith groups get out the vote for the midterm elections
WGBH: Religious leaders on the left and right are inspired to get their people to go the polls. For both groups, the moral character of the country now hangs in the balance.

Trump White House faith outreach a picture of selective access
Religion News Service: In contrast to previous administrations, the Trump White House is giving selective access to some faith groups while having cabinet-level offices meet with others. Some groups say they have been left out.

Church and state -- an unhappy union?
The (London) Guardian: The Church of England is in steep decline. With membership sinking to 14% of Britons, can it justify its place at the heart of the state?

Nasty woman
Commonweal: Female rage must be powerful, not petty, says Katherine Lucky.

Walker Percy: the hopeful dystopian
Christianity Today: The novelist's darkly satirical lessons remain stubbornly relevant, no matter the news cycle.

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