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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Stories of Persecuted Believers

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The first victim of religious persecution to share their story today at the US State Department’s first-ever Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom couldn’t share it in person.
Chinese pastor John Cao is currently serving a 7-year prison sentence, a punishment handed ...
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Christian Artists: Don’t Leave the Bible Behind
Why a Scriptural imagination is essential to the making and enjoying of art.
Interview by Jennifer Craft
Recent years have witnessed fruitful conversations about the interplay between Christian theology and the arts. But what these dialogues need most, according to Duke Divinity School theologian Jeremy Begbie, is a firmer grounding in Scripture, the classic creeds, and a Trinitarian imagination. In his latest book, A Peculiar Orthodoxy: Reflections on Theology and the Arts, Begbie draws together such topics as beauty, natural theology, divine and human freedom, and the role of emotion. Jennifer Craft, ...
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