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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Poll: Support for Roe v. Wade hits new high

Small town churches across America, Alabama struggle with Trump's words, actions
The Washington Post: The presidency of Donald Trump has created unavoidable moral dilemmas for a distinct subset of Christians who are overwhelmingly white, overwhelmingly evangelical and more uniformly pro-Trump than any other part of the American electorate.

Poll: Support for Roe v. Wade hits new high
NBC News: A majority of Republicans -- 52 percent -- say the Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion should not be overturned.

A conspiracy to suppress Mary Magdalene? No longer just a Dan Brown plotline
The Daily Beast: There's no good evidence to suggest that Mary and Jesus were married, but recent scholarly research suggests that there was a conspiracy to diminish her status and memory.

#MeToo, Your Excellency
National Catholic Reporter: It's time for the church worldwide to face up to abuse of power by bishops, says Phyllis Zagano.

SBC official labels LGBTQ-affirming evangelicals as 'false teachers'
Baptist News Global: A Southern Baptist Convention official denounced a new resource for LGBTQ Christians as part of "a campaign of biblical subterfuge" arguing that it's OK for evangelicals to be gay.

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