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Thursday, May 10, 2018

German Bishops Debate Who Can Receive the Eucharist

German Bishops Debate Who Can Receive the Eucharist

Msgr. Hans Feichtinger

Protestantism comes from Germany, its original spark with Martin Luther, and its earliest excesses with the Anabaptist rule over Münster; the latter crushed finally by the prince-bishop’s army, the former however enjoyed enduring success. From Germany, Reformation ideas spread to other European countries, and from there into the whole world, creating new epicenters of Protestant […]

Christianity and the Radical Transformation of Culture

Paul Krause

Man is not a body of mass in motion with the aim of peaceable consumption as modern anthropology suggests. Man does not live on bread alone; man is, as the ancients knew, a social animal. However, the great revelation of Christian anthropology is that man is also a cultural animal. Culture, rooted in the Latin […]

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