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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Evangelicals are having their own #MeToo moment

Revisiting Baylor's list: What does an effective preacher look like?
Religion News Service: Baylor's "12 most effective preachers" list creates a biased and anachronistic impression of what an effective preacher looks like, says Maggi Dawn.

RIP: Congregational studies pioneer Loren Mead
Episcopal News Service: Loren Benjamin Mead, an Episcopal priest and founder of the Alban Institute, died May 5.

'If God is white, kill God': Why Dr. James Cone was once the most hated theologian in America
The Root: Amid the outpouring of "thoughts and prayers" and a host of remembrances at divinity schools and theological seminaries, the truth is that James H. Cone was the most hated theologian in America at one time, says Eboni Marshall Turman.
The Washington Post: One of America's most influential religious figures has died. He deserves more notice.

Evangelicals are having their own #MeToo moment
The Washington Post: Evangelical Protestantism, thank God, is experiencing its own version of a #MeToo moment, says Michael Gerson.

Fashion's 'Oscars night' offers Church a teaching moment
Crux: While the Met Gala might generate some heartburn -- and some of the reaction may be justified, depending on what sort of spectacle unfolds on the red carpet -- it's also serving up a huge opportunity.
The Independent: Met Gala 2018: Angry Catholics and conservatives accuse organisers of 'religious appropriation' over theme

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