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Friday, April 6, 2018

Still Worth Reading after Easter!

Two More Good Pieces from Holy Week—And Still Worth Reading after Easter!

‘Papal Murk’

That’s the phrase that characterizes Ross Douthat’s evaluation of Francis’s pontificate so far. This, at least, according to a review by Rod Dreher, summarized as “His new book says Francis’s pontificate is a revolutionary moment, one that’s left the Church in dark and uncharted waters.” So we have two conservatives commenting on a liberal pope, so it’s not quite fair, but their analysis is nonetheless worth the time of Protestant readers. As Dreher puts it:
Any Christian or secular conservative who cares about the stability of Western civilization cannot be indifferent to the fate of the institution that, more than any other, created it. The Orthodox Church is alien to the West, and Protestantism has become far too fragmented and rootless to hold things together. The cultural critic Camille Paglia, a lesbian atheist who sees things more clearly than many Catholics, told the Jesuit journal America that even though she strongly supports the Sexual Revolution, if Francis’s Church “trims its doctrine for politically correct convenience, it will no longer be Catholic.”

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